Shipping Policy

Every order will be processed and sent within 24 hours. However, placing an order on Saturday, pay attention that we will send your order on Monday. We recommend our customers to plan buying medicines online, as any treatment should not be neglected and should be started in time to avoid complications.

To receive the order as soon as possible, it is better to use EMS. This method suggests a shipment of any product within 5-6 business days.

If you have supplies of medicines, and you are not pressed for time, AirMail is your choice. It suggests the shipment within 5 weeks (it mainly comes in 2 weeks, on the average).

Moreover, you may decide what address to indicate. You may state your home address and wait for a package sitting in a cozy chair. Or you may indicate your office address, if you know that you are busy and do not want to miss a courier. This way, a package will be delivered right to your working place, which is also very convenient and time-saving.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We do not tell about the orders to third parties. Even a courier will not know what is inside the envelope. We respect a confidentiality of our customers, and so we do not print any names of the products on the package.

If you have any questions about the shipment of products, and you know how to perfect the shipment and improve the services, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you!

Order Status

To have a flawless operation, we use up-to-date and comprehensive systems that help to process orders without any delays. This system helps us to control the entire working process and provide a regular support of customers. And so, an order status can be easily monitored for better and fast shipment of all packages.

When a customer has placed an order, our system assigns a unique number to this order, and so it is easier to monitor and control the stages of the order status. A customer will receive an email that will contain this number, and additional information about the order. The email notifications will be quickly sent during every stage of the order status. A customer will know:

  • When an order has been accepted
  • What number has been assigned to an order
  • When the payment has been accepted
  • When an order will be and has been sent

As you can see, this is a well-organized system. And it is very convenient, as any customer will be fully involved into the entire process. In case of any failures or delays at one of the stages, the system will notify a customer about it. And a customer will have an ability to contact us to solve any problem, that may occur during ordering.

There are two ways how to check an order status:

  • By email (make sure to indicate right email address)
  • By a bank card (it is necessary to know 4 lasts digits of a card)
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Order Status

To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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