What to look for with herpes on the face and how to treat it properly

Herpes on the skin of the face is a very unpleasant and rather painful phenomenon. In addition, it tends to appear at the most unexpected moment. One localization of facial herpes can appear every six months, and the other does not bother at all for a lifetime. Let’s say herpes on the cheek is a rather rare localization, and almost everyone has met with a cold on the lips. Below we will tell you how to get rid of herpes on the face, in which cases you can overcome a relapse in 1 day, and what surprises may lurk when we affect children.


The causes of herpes on the face is the presence of 3 types of herpes virus in the body:

Vpg type 1. Usually causes colds in the lips.

Vpg type 2. Most often localized in the genital area.

Herpes zoster . Causes shingles.

Usually, herpes on the face, which manifests itself in different areas: in the cheeks, forehead, around the mouth, near the lips and other areas of the skin of the face, is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Herpes virus zoster (herpes zoster) caused by Varicella zoster (chickenpox), affects the face much less often, but is more difficult to tolerate.

Initially, infection occurs through the skin or mucous membranes. It is very easy to get herpes. One way is through contact with an infected person, of course, if at that moment he has a relapse of the disease. Or through household items, although this happens extremely rarely. It is more difficult for an adult to get infected, because the virus needs to get on the mucous membrane. But the child can become infected through the skin.

Then the virus goes deep under the skin and those cells that have penetrated the neurites (long processes of nerve cells) will become a factory for the production of herpes viruses. The response to the production of viral cells will be the constant work of the immune system, which will begin to destroy them to maintain balance. As a result, if our immune system weakens, the herpes virus will begin to crawl out to the surface of the skin and infect skin cells, causing a relapse.

With VPH , if herpes at the very beginning struck the facial nerve, then with a relapse it will appear only in the face area, since VPH is not able to change the location inside the body between the zones of the nervous system.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear to us that the recurrence of herpes and its manifestation on the face has different external factors, but one common cause is reduced immunity. Factors undermining the immune system can be the following:

depression, frequent stress;

overheating or hypothermia;

improper adherence to low-calorie diets;


long-term antibiotic treatment;

improper metabolism;

the transfer of serious illnesses or operations;


smoking, alcohol abuse.


Symptoms of herpes on the face in any area of manifestation are almost identical. Most often, herpes recurs in the lips, but it can also appear all over the face.

Below, in the third photo, herpes on the cheeks is presented, and in the fourth you can see the manifestation of herpes on the cheek of a child. In adults and children, the symptoms of rashes are the same.


Below, in the photo at number 5, you can see how herpes formed on the forehead, and the sixth photo shows how herpes zoster manifests itself on the face.


The symptoms of shingles may vary slightly, as a rule, it affects larger areas of the skin of the face, and its feature is a rash on one side. In addition, you need to know that herpes zoster on the face of a child is a very rare occurrence.

In most cases, the symptoms of herpetic eruptions in the face can be formulated as follows:

On the first day, at the site where blisters of herpes should soon appear, a slight tingling and slight itching appear in the skin.

The next day, bubbles appear with a thin film and a small amount of clear liquid. After half a day, a complete focal coverage of these rashes is formed. Over the following days, the bubbles increase in size and fill with a cloudy liquid.

After about three days, the bubbles burst and fluid flows out of them. Sores are formed, which subsequently become covered with a crust, most often with a yellowish tinge.

Within a week, the crusts of sores are updated with new skin and gradually the healing process removes the symptoms of rashes.

Sometimes the disease is accompanied by headaches, high fever and general physical fatigue. Most often this occurs when the body is first infected with a herpes virus. In order to identify whether the patient’s stage is recurrent or primary, it is necessary to donate blood for antibodies. This is a mandatory procedure during pregnancy, even if a woman is not sick in an acute form during pregnancy, it is still recommended to be tested. So it is much easier to prevent relapses and to carry out the prevention of the disease.


How to quickly get rid of herpes on the face? In order to prevent infection at an early stage, it is recommended to use ointments for herpes on the face at the first manifestations of itching and tingling. It is necessary to smear tingling areas regularly. With the constant presence of the ointment on the affected area, the virus is blocked in the subcutaneous environment where it multiplies. This will allow you to get rid of herpes on your face as soon as possible.

Many people wonder how to treat herpes on the face if the disease has gone into a deeper form. For this, there is a complex of drugs that must be used simultaneously:

Immunomodulators. These drugs are necessary to stimulate the immune system so that it helps us fight viruses.

Remedies for relieving symptoms. These include: antipyretic drugs, painkillers, wound healing drugs. You can use tools such as: Nurofen , Paracetamol, Rescuer balm and others.

Antiviral. You can take herpes pills, such as: Famvir or Valtrex . As well as injections, for example – Foscarnet . All antiviral drugs should be prescribed only by the attending physician, such drugs are taken in severe forms of the disease and only under the supervision of a specialist.

Ointment for herpes. Gerpivir is considered a good ointment , but you should also pay attention to Zovirax or Acyclovir.

The main thing to remember is that complex treatment will help only after correct diagnosis, identification of the stage of the disease and a well-designed treatment plan. Before treating herpes on the face, consult a doctor!

It is not recommended to use homeopathy in the treatment of herpes, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. On the contrary, such a method of treatment can cause serious complications.


For the treatment of herpes on the face at home, some use traditional medicine. But know that folk remedies for herpes are ineffective. They are best used at the very beginning along with ointments in order to quickly cure herpes on the face. Or when healing, so that it passes faster.

Here are some traditional medicine recipes for treating herpes on the cheek, forehead and other possible lesions:

Celandine. Together with the roots we grind in a meat grinder; then squeeze the juice and close tightly in a container; after 7 days, the resulting infusion should be treated with damaged areas of the skin.

Garlic. You can mix finely chopped garlic with honey and treat bubble rashes with this mixture. Garlic can be used without honey, just cut a clove of garlic and apply to herpes.

Kalanchoe and Aloe. We simply squeeze the juice of the plants and lubricate the infected areas with the contents. This juice can be taken orally 1 teaspoon per day for 14 days – this helps to increase immunity.


The causes of herpes on the face of a child are the same as in adults. But with children, things are not so clear. It must be understood that it is much easier for a child to get a primary infection than for an adult, so you need to closely monitor this. A feature of the frequent localization of the virus in children are the wings of the nose and the area around the eyes.

After the rash appears, children often scratch the wounds due to the fact that they are unable to endure the itch. The danger is that if a child scratches the cheeks affected by the virus, this can infect the fingers and lead to herpetic panaritium. Therefore, when symptoms appear, remember how to quickly cure the infection at the initial stage (this is described above) and, if this does not help, consult a doctor.

Know! Children are very difficult to tolerate a herpes infection, therefore, in order to avoid complications such as pneumonia and meningitis, it is recommended to go to the hospital from the first days of symptoms.


Knowing that herpes affects the body with a weakened immune system, we can prevent ourselves from frequent relapses by supporting our immune system. To do this, you must adhere to several rules:

engage in the improvement of the body;

regularly take vitamin complexes;

avoid stress;

eat properly;

get rid of bad habits.

If a family member in your home becomes infected or has a relapse of the disease, explain to him what to do in order to recover faster. For the duration of the illness, allocate separate dishes for him and avoid close contact.

So, from the above, we can conclude that the treatment of herpes on the face is not particularly different from the treatment of a cold of the lips, if the cause is HSV . Do not forget about the rules that must be observed during pregnancy and when caring for children during the initial infection or recurrence of the disease. And it must also be taken into account that the defeat of herpes virus is not just a cosmetic disease, as many believe. Therefore, only a specialist and the clinical situation can help to correctly diagnose and find out how to cure it in your case.

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