Symptoms of herpes on the body and the rules of an integrated approach to treatment

When we notice the manifestations of catarrhal rashes on the face, most often we are only worried about the discomfort of a cosmetic nature. But if herpes is found on the body, the causes of which may not fit in the head, we may face serious pain and complications. Below you will find out what herpes looks like on the body and make sure that if certain types of herpesvirus appear, you need to urgently see a doctor.


Most often, a herpetic rash on the body occurs due to the activation of the herpes simplex virus in the body. But for the full picture, below we will describe all types of herpes viruses that can appear on human skin.

Herpes is a viral disease, so many people wonder – is herpes contagious on the body? Yes, strains of the virus enter the new organism in three ways:

Contact household.



In a healthy body, the herpes simplex virus sleeps. The latent stage can be very long, until the right conditions come for the virus.

Factors that often affect the manifestation of herpetic eruptions on the human body can be the following:



glucocorticoid treatment,



infectious diseases,

depressive state.

Herpesvirus strains enter the body very early if a person has had contact with infected people. The virus infects the nervous system, for this reason, there is no way to do away with it. The causes of herpes on the body can be different, but the reason for the activation of the virus in the body is almost always reduced immunity.


HSV types 1 and 2. As we wrote above, HSV is the main one for skin rashes and has 2 varieties. The first type, most often found on the lips. What people call cold sores is HSV type 1. The second type is called genital herpes. It most often manifests itself in the groin, between the buttocks, sometimes on the back and legs. But mostly they affect the genitals.

Epstein-Barr (VEB). This virus does not usually show up as a skin rash. But when treated with antibiotics for diseases that accompany it, the virus can manifest itself in the form of rashes on the skin.

Herpes zoster . herpes virus zoster causes the well-known disease chicken pox, which most often occurs in children. When relapsing in adults, this virus causes shingles, which is a lingering rash, usually on the back and sides of the body.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV). This is a fairly common virus in the environment of the human body. But it can manifest itself in the form of rashes only with reduced immunity.

Roseola infantum ( pseudorubella ). The disease is very common. Caused by the herpes virus type 6. Most often observed in infants and causes very large foci of rashes. The rash is similar to the common rubella.


So, we figured out why herpes appears on the body, now we need to understand what herpes looks like on the skin when different strains are activated. The first thing that catches your eye with a herpes rash on the skin is a group of bubble character. And also often the symptoms of herpes on the body are accompanied by redness and soreness.

Here is a good example of shingles, the symptoms of which are hard to miss:

Pain when touched;

Burning sensation;

The temperature may rise.

After these signs, after a while, a herpetic rash begins to appear. The skin turns red and the rash spreads over the body. With treatment, the blisters turn into ulcers and heal. With complications, the temperature can rise greatly, weakness, nausea, and fainting may occur. Also, pain in the lesion may increase.

1 Herpes zoster (acute form) 2 Herpes zoster (healing stage)

When the rash affects small areas of the skin on the face or hands, this indicates the herpes simplex virus type 1. If the rash appears on the genitals or areas of skin around the genitals, then this indicates a type 2 herpes virus. A distinctive feature of HSV is a clear or slightly cloudy liquid inside the vesicles.

If red rashes appear, then this is either chickenpox or pseudorubella . Chickenpox is characterized by disunity of blisters throughout the body and manifests itself in almost all children at different ages. Roseola baby ( pseudorubella ), in contrast, has a continuous rash in certain areas of the skin. And it also manifests itself mainly in infants and children under two years of age.

A more detailed diagnosis should be done by the attending physician. Independent attempts to diagnose herpetic eruptions on the body can lead to incorrect conclusions. And we must remember that self-treatment for herpes is very dangerous!


There are times when you need to seek help from a doctor without delay. In the following condition, in no case should you resort to self-medication, find out the causes of the appearance, or wait for the herpes of the skin to pass by itself:

convulsions began;

gradually increasing pain in the ears;

patient in old age;

there is acute liver failure;

there is chronic liver failure;

there is acute heart failure;

there is chronic heart failure;

herpes on the skin manifested itself in a child up to a year;

the patient loses consciousness;

there is a severe headache;

during pregnancy at any time;

if the patient suffers from diabetes;

vision deteriorates greatly.


Below we will tell you how to treat herpes on the body in adults. To treat a disease in a child, a slightly different approach is needed. The fact is that children are more prone to childhood manifestations of herpes such as chickenpox and roseola baby, so treatment methods may differ.

For almost any type of skin herpes, treatment is accompanied by the following antiherpetic medicines:

famciclovir ,


Valterex ,

penciclovir ,

Valaciclovir ,

Herpferon .

The drugs are given either by injection or orally, depending on the severity of the disease.

And also the treatment of herpes on the body involves the use of ointments:

Viru- Merz serol ,

Bonafton ,

Tebrofen ointment,

Panavir ,


Zovirax .

All these ointments are a good remedy for herpes on the body, but an integrated approach is needed, therefore, to draw up a treatment plan, it is better to be examined by a doctor. With self-selection of drugs, difficulties may arise, and one must not forget that the doctor will help cure herpes faster.

Herpes ointment on the body should not contain glucocorticosteroids , be sure to read the composition before buying. Hormonal drugs affect the immune system, so it is important to eliminate them!

Often, not only purely herpetic tablets are prescribed for complex treatment. From herpes on the body, painkillers can also be prescribed: Naproxen , Ibuprofen and others. Treatment of skin herpes also involves the use of immunomodulators: Cycloferon and others. And an important part for the treatment of herpes is vitamin therapy. For more effective treatment, the body must be nourished in the form of vitamins. For example, vitamin E removes harmful substances from the body well, and vitamin A does not allow virus strains to spread to other organs.


When any strain of the herpes virus is activated, there is a risk of complications and consequences, here are some of them:

With genital herpes, herpetic cystitis or urethritis may develop.

When the body is affected by the Epstein-Barr virus, cancerous tumors can form.

If chickenpox or herpes zoster is detected, complications can lead to pyoderma or encephalitis.

With immunodeficiency with damage to the body by cytomegalovirus (CMV), there is a danger of inflammation of the internal organs.

In childhood roseola, complications can provoke meningitis or encephalitis.

Skin herpes is most dangerous during pregnancy. It can affect the fetus depending on the complexity of the infection and the timing of the pregnancy. Most often this happens when a woman shows symptoms of rashes. Fortunately, such cases are rare, because during pregnancy, doctors carefully monitor the activity of herpes viruses in a woman’s body.

If you are afraid of complications, wondering whether it is possible to wash with herpes on the body, then you can wash, but within reason. Previously, doctors believed that a herpetic rash due to water could spread through the body, but today they are sure that this is not the case. Just do not take a bath for a long time and even more rub the sores. Wash gently and only for general hygiene.

It is best to follow the general preventive rules and keep the immune system in constant tone. And also at the first symptoms, immediately consult a doctor than to treat herpes on the body in a severe stage.

So, now we know that the defeat of the body with a herpes infection can be caused by several strains of the virus. Knowing the types of herpes on the body, you should pay attention to the fact that the easiest type of virus to treat is HSV, if you start treating it at the first sign, it can immediately disappear. But do not forget that rashes on the body can occur due to more serious types of the virus, so we strongly recommend that you do not self-medicate and consult a specialist.

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