Is shingles contagious to others and how is it transmitted?

With a recurrence of chickenpox, many people wonder if shingles is contagious or not, and in this case it is necessary to consider not only how shingles can be transmitted, but also the causes of this disease. Below we will consider whether herpes zoster is transmitted and under what conditions it can be dangerous for people around. If the short answer to the question is whether or not herpes zoster is transmitted and whether it is contagious, the answer is yes, but this does not apply to everyone, so it is worth considering this issue in more detail.


Shingles is a recurrent viral infectious disease that occurs, and subsequently develops, in the human body as a result of internal causes.

The reason for its appearance is the restoration of the virus, the vital activity of which was in a latent form. The virus was in the body of the sick person for the second time, after the initial infection in childhood, if the child caught the herpes virus type 3, namely chicken pox. After that, the pathogen easily, for a long time, could persist (permanently stay, stay) in the human body. And under the influence of various provoking factors, he was able to activate.

Consider several reasons that contribute to the manifestation of herpes zoster due to the inability of the immune system to resist pathogens of infectious diseases. Reduced immunity may be due to:

prolonged stressful situation;

organ transplant;

advanced age;

blood disease;




serious injuries;

chemotherapy for cancer;

diabetes mellitus;

taking hormonal medications;



Let’s look at how contagious herpes zoster is and whether it is necessary to avoid a sick family member if he has been badly affected by the herpes infectious virus. This virus is highly contagious. However, it should be noted that shingles occurs in a sporadic (single manifestation – from case to case) form.

More and more often this infection is formed, matures and begins its development in the autumn-spring season. A person who has had chickenpox as a child usually has a very strong immune system. In this situation, you should not think about whether shingles is contagious, because it is extremely rare for a person who has already been ill to become infected. So, for others, it should not bring excitement during contact with an infected person.

So, let’s emphasize the answer to the question of whether herpes zoster is contagious, and how, in cases of contact with an infected person, shingles is transmitted from the patient. Yes, shingles is an infectious contagious somatic (associated with part of the nervous system) disease. This disease directly affects people who have not had chickenpox in childhood. For other people, there is usually no significant threat of getting sick. But it is necessary to know the fundamental ways of transmission. You should also not forget that various methods of prevention play an important role in maintaining immunity, and accordingly, in order not to get sick with herpes.


Since herpes, including herpes zoster, is an infectious disease, many people wonder what its modes of transmission are. Herpes zoster ( Herpes zoster (shingles) can be contracted in a variety of ways. If a person has not had chickenpox, then with close contact with the patient there is a risk of infection, but still it is unlikely. It is worth noting that an adult suffers from a disease with severe symptoms and consequences in the form of complications.

So, let’s look at how herpes zoster is transmitted:

By airborne spread of the Herpes virus zoster in the process of communication between a healthy and a sick person.

During childbirth or during pregnancy, it passes to the child from the mother if she is a virus carrier.

Household route of transmission of the virus – when using common utensils (kitchenware, bed linen, towels) – a set of household items.

Close contact – through saliva when kissing.

Herpes zoster is a disease of a viral nature, mainly characterized by a limited rash on the skin throughout the body with a rather powerful pain complex of herpetic symptoms.

In children who have had chickenpox, which is called by the Varicella virus zoster , the virus smoothly switches to sleep mode and successfully hides in the nerve cells of the child’s body. After many years, leaving the nerve cells, it can be activated and cause Herpes disease. zoster .

Not everyone knows how shingles is transmitted and most people tend to be afraid of getting infected from a sick family member who has a relapse of the disease. Currently, the world is shrouded in rather bad environmental conditions, dirty untreated water and unnatural products. Because of this, not many people can have good immunity to deal with shingles easily, as shingles can be passed on to anyone with low immunity.

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