Is it possible to quickly get rid of herpes in the nose and how to recognize it correctly

Herpes in the nose and herpes on the nose have the same cause, but a different degree of discomfort. For example, internal herpes, that is, on the nasal mucosa, does not affect the cosmetic defect so much. But at the same time, bubble rashes on or near the nose do not hurt so much. After reading the article, you will learn about the symptoms and treatment of this unpleasant localization of the herpes virus, about the features of diagnosis and methods of prevention.


The cause of herpes on the nose is the activation of the herpes simplex virus ( HSV ) in the body. Once herpes enters the body, it cannot be cured. This is due to the penetration of the herpes virus into the spinal cord, where the immune system loses its zone of influence. Under certain conditions, HSV can be activated, which is called a relapse in medicine. During treatment, it returns to the spinal cord again and does not protrude until a certain point, this stage is called remission.

Common causes of herpes simplex virus recurrence:

A sharp decrease in immunity. A cold on the nose or on the lips often appears after suffering colds and respiratory diseases; during recovery, rashes of herpes often begin under the nose or on the lips.

Hypothermia of the body. Another reason that often causes a cold is not only winter frosts, but also the usual draft.

Stress. It has long been known that an increase in stressful situations directly affects the nervous system, which, in turn, impairs immunity. As a result, the herpes virus comes out.


Cold sores, localized in the nose, usually appear in three places – in the nose, on the nose and under the nose.

Herpes in the nose. At the initial stage, a slight itching is felt. At this point, there are practically no outward signs. When herpetic vesicles appear on the mucous membrane inside the nose, they are accompanied by acute pain. A feature of herpes in the nose is the dissimilarity of the bubbles to those that protrude on the lips or under the nose, they are more like abscesses. Healing of wounds inside the nose is faster than outside.

Herpes on the nose. Symptoms of herpes on the surface of the nose are no different from herpetic eruptions on the lips. Initially, it is a small itchy swelling, which then turns into a focus of rashes in the form of bubbles with liquid. Then the bubbles get coarse and burst. When healing, the vesicles become covered with a crust.

Herpes under the nose manifests itself in the same way as on the surface. The only feature of the area of the nasolabial triangle is that this is a very unfavorable area for the disease. Therefore, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.

1 Herpes in the nose. 2 Herpes on the nose in an acute form.

3 Herpes on the nose in the healing stage. 4 Herpes on the nose.

5 Herpes above the lip near the nose. 6 Herpes under the nose.

Attention! In no case do not burst herpetic blisters, they contain a large number of viral elements, which, when in contact with the skin, often affect new areas.


When diagnosing a herpes infection of this localization, standard procedures for detecting type 1 HSV in the body are prescribed:

Scraping biomaterial from the affected area.

ELISA – detects the titer of antibodies in the blood to HSV 1.

Polymerase chain reaction – detects the presence of a virus in the blood.

These diagnostic methods will differentiate herpes from other diseases that may be similar to the manifestation of HSV .


The treatment of herpes in the nose does not differ from the treatment of herpes under the nose or on the nose, most often ointments and tablets are used for treatment.

If we talk about the ointment for herpes in the nose, then doctors often recommend – Zovirax , Acyclovir and Panavir . But usually these ointments help at the very beginning of the onset of symptoms, when the rash is not yet visible, but the primary symptoms of herpes are already being traced. If you noticed the symptoms at an early stage and thought about how to quickly cure herpes, then with the regular use of these ointments, you can completely avoid the appearance of rashes.

But how to get rid of herpes in the nose, if the bubbles have already appeared? Then it is necessary to carry out complex treatment. It is necessary to add Famvir and Valaciclovir tablets to ointments . It is also recommended to use zinc or tetracycline ointment to treat sores near the affected skin to avoid re-infection or infection of new areas.

Do not forget that it is not worth treating herpes in the nose on your own. How to treat herpes will be known only after proper diagnosis. In order to avoid incorrectly selected dosages, it is recommended to consult a specialist before buying a medicine!


Home treatment involves the use of essential oils to treat wounds. All essential oils that are made from coniferous trees have antiviral properties – these are cedar, juniper, fir, etc.

Oils of particular effect are: sage, lavender and tea tree oil. They can be used together, for this you need to mix a few drops and lubricate the affected areas. Even in folk medicine, chamomile decoction, grated garlic and aloe juice are used to wipe the foci of infection or at the initial stage of symptoms.

It will not be possible to get rid of herpes on the nose with folk remedies, as well as from other localizations of the herpes virus. Especially if the infection has already given rise to rashes. But the use of folk methods will speed up the healing process and help relieve symptoms.


Treatment of herpes on the nose in a child is almost the same as in an adult. Usually it’s all the same ointments. But if the disease goes away with a high temperature, systemic drugs can be prescribed – Viferon or Acyclovir.

The only thing you need to know is that antiviral drugs are contraindicated for children under 12 years old, it is better not to use antiviral tablets and ointments at all at this age. The child’s body must fight the virus on its own so that in the future it can withstand relapses of the disease.

But if a child or an adult has an immunodeficiency, then the use of antiviral drugs is necessary. Without them, the body will not be able to overcome the disease on its own, which can lead to serious consequences for both the skin and the nervous system.

If you notice herpes in the nose of a child, then be sure to consult a doctor, do not try to cure it yourself, as this can lead to serious consequences.


Means of prevention, as you know, is the surest way to protect yourself from any disease.

In order not to get infected with herpes, you must adhere to the following rules:

if possible, avoid contact with the patient;

do not use shared utensils;

observe basic hygiene.

It is also advisable to follow the well-known rules for the prevention of diseases, which the majority neglects:

get rid of bad habits;

eat properly;

monitor the amount of vitamins.

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