The choice of a patch for herpes on the lips and the rules for use

To date, perhaps, everyone has come across herpes of the lips and in this article we will tell you about the patch for herpes on the lips, as one of the fastest solutions to get rid of cold rashes. Here, the main thing is to choose exactly an effective solution, and at the same time to make it affordable, because not every patch, of which there are quite a lot, can be bought at a pharmacy. And some are even hard to find online. Therefore, we will present the most popular and affordable patches, as well as describe how to use them.


Herpes on the lips is a fairly extensive, massive and widespread (disseminated) disease. Due to the nature of the lips being easily influenced by external factors, the disease is highly contagious. Herpes on the lips is characterized in the form of a blistering rash, gives a rather strong sensation of pain in the area of the upper and lower limit of the lips. At the healing stage, extensive erosions with a dried crust are formed.

As a rule, with a cold on the lips, a person first encounters in childhood. The virus can pass from the patient both by close contact and by airborne spread.


Currently, modern medical science pays great attention to the development and improvement of methods of treatment and masking of this disease. There are a huge number of different drugs to eliminate the disease. Consider universal and at the same time quite effective means, which are special patches. In this article, we will touch on the best patches that, judging by the reviews, help get rid of a cold on the lips better.

Conpeed ( Compide ):

visibly reduces swelling;

relieve annoying itching;

reduces pain syndrome;

the active substance acts instantly, from the first minutes;

prevents further infection of the sore;

does not allow penetration of pollution;

effectively masks the point of herpes rash;

absorbs excess liquid;

actively prevents the ingress of the virus through close contact or the use of common utensils;

prevents airborne entry;

no discomfort when using.

Compide is easy to use – it can be stored in a first aid kit, cosmetic bag or handbag, and is cost-effective (in packs of 15 pieces).

Hartnam Cosnos (Space):

moisturizes the wound;

absorbs the separated liquid;

has a cooling effect;

quickly heals small ulcers formed from herpes.

This is a sterile hydrogel patch. It is recommended to use at the first sensations of the characteristic itching with herpes on the lips, so that it will be possible to prevent the further development of the disease.

Silkoplast ( Silkoplast ):

actively contributes to the rapid healing of wounds;

does not dry the top layer;

does not form crusts and scars;

moisture resistant;

has a protective property against pollution and water ingress;

does not allow rashes to spread;

prevents the spread of infection;

relieves itching and burning;

perfectly masks the affected area;

has a microporous base that allows the skin to breathe;

does not excite additional irritation;

does not create side effects.

This patch is quite popular and effective in use. It has established itself as a proven and very reliable remedy for combating herpes on the lips.

It is quite rare to find Zovirax patch in some pharmacies . The principle of operation of this patch is similar to the principles of the above funds.


Their principle of influence is almost the same:

Before using the patch, it is necessary to disinfect the affected area with special means, then dry it thoroughly.

The plaster is applied with clean, well treated hands with soap.

After peeling off the protective film, the patch is glued to the infected area and smoothed out.

Such a procedure is carried out regularly, periodically replaced with a new patch due to the ability to lose its useful qualities.

It is recommended to use a patch for the lips from herpes until complete recovery.

The patch must be changed at least twice a day.

1Cold on lip without patch 2Cold on lip with patch

So, let’s sum up. All of the above remedies are both therapeutic and masking. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate their popularity. In addition, herpes on the lips is a very common disease, so for many, anti – herpetic patches have become an indispensable attribute of everyday life. After all, a cold on the lips can pop up at the most unexpected moment, for example, on a business trip before a presentation, and it is not always possible to buy them quickly. Therefore, we recommend that you always have this tool with you.

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