How many days does herpes on the lip go away

The question – after how many days does herpes on the lips go, usually when herpes on the lips lasts quite a long time. No matter how much herpes passes in one person, it is difficult to try on this period for all people. If you answer briefly the question of how many days herpes on the lip lasts, then the answer is simple – from 5 to 15 days. But this is subject to stable immunity, the correct treatment plan and timely response. For a more detailed consideration of the chronology of herpetic sores on the lips, it is necessary to know the features of the disease, which are described below. Because a cold can last 5 days, or maybe a whole month.


Herpes simplex on the lips is a common exacerbation of a viral disease that develops with a negative background of a decrease in the immune system. Few people are familiar with this disease.

Everyone knows that, one way or another, herpes, which has ever shown itself to be lively, does not go away, it goes into sleep mode for a while. However, during the formation of an immune deficiency, which can occur due to past illnesses or hypothermia, as well as due to psycho-emotional stress, the virus activates, clearly manifesting itself as rather painful ulcers on the lips.


The duration of the disease and the time – after how many days the herpes on the lip passes, is especially distinguished by three stages.

At the first stage, in the area of the lips, there is usually a feeling of a slight tingling, itching, which causes some discomfort. In one day, it is possible to prevent the intensification of the disease process by using special medications.

In the second stage, fluid-filled blisters appear on the lips, which begin to cause severe pain. In this case, the person himself becomes a virus carrier. Usually at this stage of the development of the disease, herpes lasts about four days.

At the third stage of further formation, already formed erosion, the virus becomes extremely contagious. The bubbles during this period begin to burst, respectively, a cloudy infected liquid begins to flow out of them. In this connection, ulcers are formed, which must be lubricated with a special anti -herpes ointment in order to treat herpes on the lip and prevent the virus from moving to other parts of the body. How many days does herpes on the lip go away? With proper care and the use of special medications, by the fifth day, the wounds begin to heal. And the skin can fully recover within a week.

On average, the disease of herpes on the lips of a person can last from 5 to 15 days from the moment of the unexpected manifestation of the first rash. Usually, this tense period, when a cold appears on the lips, is enough for the human body for the infection to cease to be active again, and also to prevent a possible relapse.


Usually, with a good functioning of the immune system, herpes in the lip area disappears quickly. With timely treatment, it should pass in a maximum of 15 days and a minimum of 5 days. That is, there is no need to panic if the herpes has not gone away in 3 days, as these are extremely rare cases.

But it happens that even with a long, constant treatment, rashes on the lips do not go away for a whole month. In this case, you must urgently contact a specialist. Sometimes this can indicate cancer, AIDS and other serious illnesses. But do not forget that this happens with the constant treatment of herpes with drugs and no effect, which means the inability of the antiviral agent to fight the disease.


At the first symptoms of a cold on the lips, it is immediately necessary to begin the process of treating the disease, since the vast majority of medicines bring an effective effect to a greater extent from the first moment the infection is activated. There are many remedies for use in treatment, these are:

ointments – Acyclovir, Zovirax , and also Valaciclovir ;

folk remedies – apply gruel of grated potatoes to the inflamed area; use tea tree oil, brilliant green, fir oil, valocordin, a clove of garlic.

With timely and comprehensive treatment of herpes, namely when applying antiherpetic agents, in combination with the treatment of wounds with folk recipes, herpes sores can drag on for 5 days. The fact is that by using special agents, like Acyclovir and Zovirax , we stimulate the immune system, which, in turn, begins to actively fight the virus.

Summing up how long a cold on the lip can take, it is worth highlighting the peculiarity of the virus to react differently in the body of different people. With proper treatment, herpetic vesicles pass quite quickly. But, if you have a problem with long-term treatment of kissing disease, and the symptoms do not go away, this is a signal for an urgent appeal to an infectious disease specialist.