How does herpes appear on the back and what is the danger of this disease

When an allergic rash is detected, it is not pleasant, but when herpes appears on the back, this already indicates a serious disease, most often neurological and very painful. Usually shingles appears on the back, but even here it is not so obvious, because it can be other types of herpes. Below you will find out what are the causes of a herpetic rash on the back, what it looks like and how it is treated.


Zoster virus , or, as it is also called, shingles, is one of the most common types of rash, but it is quite difficult to diagnose. Herpetic eruptions on the back are a disease of a viral nature, which can be characterized by unilateral rashes along the course of the nerve and it is detected as a severe pain syndrome.

Chickenpox is caused by the same virus as shingles, that is, a virus from the same family, but the disease is different. This is an infection of unvaccinated children and even adults who could have had chickenpox in childhood. So, the causative agent is the varicella-zoster virus or Zoster virus . A person develops a chickenpox clinic, when infection occurs during the initial contact of the virus with the body. The virus accumulates in nerve cells, goes into a latent course, this happens when the clinical manifestations are completed.

It is possible to re-manifest this virus in the form of this disease, like herpes zoster, when a person has a decrease in immunity. And this happens due to various factors, including under the influence of various diseases. So, herpes on the back and the causes of its occurrence:

HIV infection;

oncological diseases;

taking hormonal drugs;

prolonged pneumonia;

taking cytotoxic drugs;

decrease in immunity.

The incubation period for this disease is five to twenty-one days. A person is contagious from the moment of illness until the last element of the rash disappears. Ways of transmission of infection are either contact or airborne. What happens to a person? When the attack of the virus begins, the nerve endings swell and, passing through the narrow bone channels, the edema mechanically compresses the nerve.


A person simultaneously shows symptoms of intoxication:

temperature rise to 39 degrees;




lack of appetite;


burning, tingling, itching;

severe pain in the area of infection.

There are pains from burning to unbearable along the nerve. In the direction of the nerve, after two or three days, swelling, swelling occur, and pain intensifies. A small vesicular rash appears. After that, the bubbles open and small erosions form, which then become covered with crusts, and they disappear without leaving any traces afterwards.

Nervous tissue and skin are two favorite tissue types for this virus. Accordingly, when herpes is activated, a manifestation is sometimes seen on the side of the intercostal nerves, along the ribs, under the costal arch, or it sits and strikes in the nerve nodes and ganglia along the trigeminal nerve, which innervates the tongue, nose, and jaw. The main thing is that all these nerves and the trigeminal nerve, where the herpes virus settles, make a person experience unbearable pain.


Herpes viruses excite not only the appearance of a rash on the back, but also a much more serious disease, up to oncology. The culprits of the characteristic rash on the back are several viruses:

Roseola or Pseudo- rubella , a fairly common herpes on the back of a child, is a type 6 herpes virus. In this case, the children are almost completely, all over the body, covered with a rash (photo No. 1), including the back;

Varicella zoster (chickenpox) is a type 3 herpes virus. The varicella-zoster virus ( Varicella zoster ) causes shingles in adults ( herpes zoster ) (photo No. 2), often it is also called – herpes on the back. Chickenpox occurs in children (photo No. 3), proceeds with intoxication, fever, a rash with a clear liquid forms.

With the causative agent of the Epstein-Barr virus, infectious mononucleosis often develops. With mononucleosis , a small rash on the skin, as well as on the back, appears in rare cases. But this pathogen can develop cancer – Burkitt’s lymphoma .

Symptoms of mononucleosis are very similar to mononucleosis -like syndrome (photo No. 4), caused by cytomegalovirus. However, cytomegalovirus infection itself in rare cases leads to huge skin rashes similar to chickenpox. These rashes are very often localized on the back, as well as on the whole body. Usually the spots have a reddish tint.


In order to know exactly how to treat herpes on the back, you need to contact the clinic to a specialist. The main thing is to learn how to treat herpes and, first of all, you need to relieve the pain syndrome. For this, drugs such as:

Novocaine blockade.

Electrophoresis with novocaine.

A diuretic drug to relieve swelling in the area where the nerves pass (Diakarb tablets).

Acetylsalicylic acid (required, taking this drug – only after meals).

Massive antiviral therapy:

Acyclovir tablets (to prevent infection in immunocompromised patients);

Ganciclovir (injections – a new antiviral agent, more effective than Acyclovir);

Panavir (original domestic preparation of plant origin. It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, acts as an immunomodulator).


Oxolinic ointment (antiviral drug);

Interferon (an immunomodulatory drug with antiviral action).

Preparations with a keratoplastic effect (this is when the elements of the rash have already opened and erosion is formed):

rosehip oil (has vitaminizing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial healing properties);

sea buckthorn oil (accelerates wound healing, has an anti-inflammatory effect, has an analgesic effect);

Actovegin ointment (improves trophism and tissue regeneration).

Tablets Curantil (to improve microcirculation in the area of passage of nerve endings);

Group B drugs ( Neuromidin tablets, Neurorubin tablets ) – are needed to improve the functioning of nerve endings.

When the first symptoms appear, you should immediately contact the clinic to a specialist. How to treat, what drugs and their dosage can only be prescribed by your doctor.


With any disease, you can use not only medical methods. Treatment of herpes on the back can be carried out by non-traditional methods:

It is recommended to make onion syrup from folk remedies: take 250 g of onion, 200 g of sugar, pour 0.5 l. water. Simmer on fire for 1.5 hours. Strain, add 2 tbsp. spoons of honey Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3-5 times a day. Keep refrigerated. Used to strengthen the immune system.

At home, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of yarrow, elecampane and celandine. Mix everything in equal proportions. Boil 1 liter of boiling water. Leave for 30-40 minutes. Make lotions on the elements of the rash. This infusion removes inflammatory manifestations. Accordingly, there is a decrease in pain.


In order to preventive measures it is necessary:

harden – if possible, douse yourself with cold water, take a contrast shower;

engage in sports and regular physical activity;

eat right – balanced;

lead a healthy lifestyle – limit, and it is better to stop drinking alcohol and smoking.

In addition to all mandatory vaccinations created to date, it is necessary to vaccinate against influenza annually. We must realize that over the years or after illnesses, immunity decreases. And this is a risk group. Young children are primarily at risk. The child’s immunity is still weak, it is still being formed. Therefore, vaccinations should be done for both influenza and herpes.

Let’s summarize. Herpetic rash on the back most often occurs with the manifestation of herpes zoster. Very often it can be from a common cold that has taken a hit on the immune system. This is a disease of a neuralgic nature and is very painful, so you should immediately contact the clinic. And also do not forget about other possible rashes of herpes on the back. In this case, you should not self-medicate if the herpes appeared on the back – this is not the same as on the lips and it is most likely impossible to get rid of the rash at home. And traditional medicine is best used in conjunction with traditional and under the supervision of a doctor.

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