How important is it to treat herpes of the tongue in time, its signs and causes

Herpes of the tongue is a common viral disease that focuses on the occurrence of painful, watery blisters on the tongue. This is one of the manifestations of herpetic stomatitis, which must be correctly diagnosed and treated in time. Symptoms, causes of the disease, methods of treatment and consequences are discussed in detail in this article.


It is not always possible to find the exact origin of the herpes virus in the language of medicine. But a number of factors predisposed to infection with the virus are known to specialists. The provoking factor of the disease is immunity. As long as it is strong, the virus has no chance. One has only to fail in the body’s defense system, as it becomes possible to manifest herpes.

There are a huge number of reasons for the formation of a cold on the tongue and under the tongue:

using the patient’s toothbrush;

exchange of dishes with the patient;

eating from the plate of the patient;

kiss with the sick;


severe stress;

constant lack of sleep;

hypothermia or overheating;

inflammatory process in the mouth;

infectious diseases;

surgical intervention;

the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle also provides favorable conditions for the activation of herpes in the body.


The diagnosis of herpes should only be made by a doctor, because the symptoms of herpetic lesions of the tongue are very similar to the symptoms of other diseases in the oral cavity. Often this disease is confused with stomatitis. Herpetic stomatitis is one of the varieties of the herpes virus. The photos below will give a more complete picture of what herpes looks like on the tongue to reduce the likelihood of misdiagnosis.

Obvious symptoms of herpes on the tongue:

small pimples on the tongue that cause pain, because of which it becomes as uncomfortable as possible to take food or any liquid;

the formation of transparent blisters on the tongue;

location of sores in the mouth;

sores accumulated with pus.

If you have: increased temperature up to 40 degrees; severe chills began; swelling and pain appeared in the oral cavity; you feel weakness, body aches; If your head hurts, you need to go to the clinic immediately.


Treatment of herpes in the tongue can be divided into 4 methods that are recommended to be practiced at the same time:

Treat symptomatically:

Reduce temperature;

Reduce swelling;

heal ulcers;

Remove itching.

Follow the diet:

Drink plenty of liquids;

Take light food.

Drug Therapy:

Use antiviral medicines;

Use healing agents, ointments;

Apply baths.

Strengthening immunity:

Vitamin and mineral complexes;

Use of immunomodulators;

Following the right diet.

Many people ask the question – how to treat herpes? Below we will consider the drugs that doctors often prescribe for the treatment of herpes on the tongue:

Interferon. Antiviral and immunomodulating agent with antitumor activity.

Acyclovir. Antiviral drug.

Ibuprofen. Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic.

Valaciclovir . Antiviral, antiherpetic drug.

Imudon . Immunostimulating agent, increases the production of immunoglobulin A.

Holisal and Lidoxor (creams). It is an anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerating and analgesic agent for local effects.

Hexoral . The solution disinfects the infected area when rinsing the mouth and throat.

Do not forget that all the above drugs must be prescribed by a doctor. It is possible to cure herpes on the tongue only if a diagnosis is made, the stage of the disease is identified and the treatment plan is chosen correctly!


Children. Among children in contact with a sick child, the prevalence of the virus is very high, which significantly increases the risk of infection. Therefore, children get herpes, in particular on the tongue, much more often. Due to the fact that the immunity of the mother is transmitted to the child in utero, up to about 3 years the baby is protected from the disease. But there are cases when newborn children become infected with herpes. A weak immune system of the body can lead to the development of inflammation of herpes on the tongue in a child. Children are more likely to get colds. The behavior of the child is changing, because the baby is hard on the disease: he does not sleep well, almost does not eat, drinks little.

Pregnant women and immunocompromised people. In pregnant women, herpes is less common, but with weak immunity, the disease can greatly affect a woman’s health. People of different ages with a very weakened immune system are often susceptible to the disease. Relapses are much more dangerous than a severe primary infection. Such reactivations lead to serious complications. The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets or close communication, contact with an infected person. It follows from this that it is necessary to limit contacts with an unhealthy person.

Modern effective antiviral drugs are successfully used to treat herpes on the tongue and under the tongue in children. No matter how effective the treatment is, it should be borne in mind that drugs only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but do not completely eliminate the virus, which means that a relapse of the disease is possible.


The table shows preventive methods to prevent the disease:

Prevention method      Description

Healthy lifestyle.

Physical culture.

Evening walks in the fresh air.

Refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol).

Personal hygiene.

Keeping the body clean. Acceptance of water procedures.

Disinfection of hands and feet.

Cleaning and rinsing teeth and mouth.

Use of clean towels and linen.

Diet and balanced nutrition.

Cereal products: cereals from rice, buckwheat, lentils – from various cereals.

Fruits and vegetables: apples, grapes, citrus fruits, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic.

Berries: cranberries, lingonberries, raspberries, red and black currants.

Meat products, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, poultry.

Dairy products: milk, cheeses, yoghurts.

Maintaining the immune system.

Hardening (accustoming the body to cold).

A good night’s rest (healthy sleep).

Psycho-emotional well-being (pleasant communication with society).

From the foregoing, it is clear to us that a herpes infection in the tongue, like many other herpes viruses, often manifests itself with a weakened immune system. It should not be forgotten that herpetic stomatitis can move from the tongue to other areas of localization in the oral cavity, so treatment should be done as quickly as possible. And know that only a doctor can answer the question in more detail – how to treat herpes on the tongue or in the oral cavity!

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