How to choose pills for herpes on the lips and the rules for taking

When it comes to herpes pills on the lips, most only acyclovir comes to mind. This is the most popular herpes remedy. But in fact, there are many more of them. A particular treatment plan with the help of pills depends on the patient’s condition and the frequency of relapses of herpes on the lips. In addition, there are antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.


Cold pills are a must-have topical therapy. They effectively eliminate very painful clinical symptoms and significantly accelerate the healing of damaged areas in the lip area and near the lip borders. The stable results of the treatment of colds on the lip are complex treatment with pills with various effects on herpes.

For the treatment of herpes on the lips, pills are more effective than all other means, because their basis is that the drug is a drug, antiviral. Active substances entering the stomach, during digestion, begin to be absorbed into the blood as efficiently as possible, spreading throughout the human body. In cells where the virus is actively multiplying, the drug begins to block special enzymes necessary for mass reproduction. As a result, the number of viral particles stops increasing. At the same time, the causative agents of the disease that have already appeared are destroyed by powerful forces of immunity.

Since herpes on the lips is associated not only with a cosmetic, rather unpleasant, problem, it is primarily an infectious disease. Timely drug treatment can help to finally suppress the virus that has entered the body. For this, there are effective antiviral pills and immunomodulatory drugs.


If the drugs are taken competently, painful symptoms and the number of relapses will be significantly reduced. What pills to drink for herpes on the lips are given in the list of especially popular and effective ones.


One of the most famous and effective medicines. Confirms its fairly high efficiency, clinically proven. The use of acyclovir for herpes on the lips allows you to quickly get rid of the symptoms. It is produced in the form of plates and tablets. Well tolerated by the body. It is taken after meals. The drug can be used in children after considering the appropriate recommendations. If pregnant, you should consult your doctor. The price is inexpensive, quite affordable.

Analogs: Vivorax, Acyclovir Forte, Zovirax, Ciclovir, Acyclovir-akrikhin, Acyclovir Sandoz.


It is used for the prevention of infection caused by herpes types 1 and 2 in patients with severely reduced immunity.

Analogs: Zovirax, Acyclovir Forte, Acyclovir-akrikhin, Acyclovir.


The drug is available in tablet form. it is used in case of herpes on the lips. Has a complex antiviral effect. It is used to treat infections in the lip area, to prevent infections and their recurrence. It is recommended to drink with a glass of water when using.

Analogs: Acyclovir Sandoz, Acyclovir Forte, Acyclovir, Acyclovir-akrikhin.


Another antiviral pill based on Valacyclovir. Valtrex is very well absorbed compared to the same Acyclovir. When using the same amount of Vacyclovir substances, much more of them enter the bloodstream. This drug is excellent for the treatment of herpes on the lips, as well as preventive measures and recurrence of the infection. It is not recommended to use Valtrex for pregnant women and women during breastfeeding.

Analogs: Valtsikon, Valacyclovir, Valvir, Valacyclovir, Valacyclovir Canon.


Antiviral agent in the form of tablets, when applied, it can persist in the body for about 12 hours. This prevents the virus from spreading by vigorously suppressing all types of herpes. With the right dosage, it can easily cure herpes on the lip.

Analogs: Minaker, Famvir, Famatsivir, Familar.


Along with treatment with antiviral drugs, it is reasonable to treat with immunomodulators, which, for more effective treatment, must be taken both during illness and for prophylaxis.


In the form of tablets, the drug is used as an immunomodulator. The product, having passed numerous clinical tests, has proven effective in fighting infection. Quite quickly eliminates the symptoms of herpes on the lips. Increases the process of healing and wound healing, thanks to its antioxidant activity. It also quickly relieves headache and muscle pain.

Analogs: drugs containing the same active substances.


Low modulus interferon inducer. Improves the process of the natural protective function of the human body. Stimulates the body to fight the herpes virus on its own. Suppresses the reproductive function of the virus at the initial stage of the disease.


The drug is of domestic production. It is both antiviral and immunostimulating agent. Reduces the number of painful syndromes. Reduces the frequency of relapses. Thanks to treatment with Amiksin, the amount of herpes rash decreases.

Analogs: Tiloron, Tiloram, Tilaxin, Lavomax.


Taking the pills on time is the main rule against herpes on the lips. Replication of infection can be permanently stopped at that stage of development before the possible appearance of somatic signs in the form of a liquid rash with a cold, if you start taking the tablets in the correct doses.

And one more definite rule is excessive accuracy. Treatment with pills is carried out strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician or according to the instructions in the annotation. Keep track of how your body reacts to the drug, because antiviral drugs, in this case pills, can have therapeutic side effects.

So, we have brought the most effective pills for herpes on the lips. However, there are much more of them, but basically these are drugs with the same active substances only with a different name. It is not recommended to choose pills and even more to use them yourself. Trust your doctor’s treatment plan. And know that improper use of antiviral and immunomodulatory agents can lead to consequences.

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