How can herpes on the lips spread and how infectious it is

So, today we will look at how herpes on the lips is transmitted. It should be said right away that the herpes simplex virus (HSV) is found almost throughout the body, regardless of the type. Therefore, when asked whether herpes on the lips is contagious and what are the ways of its transmission, you will receive an answer on any localization of herpes viruses type 1 and 2.


In short, the easiest way to get infected with herpes is through direct, household contact, for example, after having sex with an infected person. And also herpes is transmitted through kissing if you kiss with a person with herpes on the lips. In addition, transmission is possible by airborne droplets. Now, let’s take a closer look at how lip herpes is transmitted.

Through a kiss. Many people ask – is herpes on the lips transmitted through a kiss? Naturally, it is transmitted, in addition, it is easiest to get herpes on the lip when kissing. Therefore, it is worth thinking about it before kissing. Moreover, if the herpes on the lips is in an active, pronounced form, it is enough to kiss the person once to transmit the virus.

Intimacy. Many also have a question – is it possible to have sex with herpes on the lip? It is better not to have sex with a relapse of herpes on the lips. Especially to give a blowjob to a partner during an exacerbation of herpetic eruptions on the lips. In this case, after sex, herpes from the lips can easily spread to the partner’s genitals.

Airborne droplets. If there is a person in the house with an exacerbation of herpes on the lips and at this time he is sick with the flu or acute respiratory infections and constantly sneezes and coughs. Then the sick person can transmit herpes by airborne droplets. Since herpes gets into the patient’s saliva. In this case, he is advised to wear a mask.

Household method. Colds on the lips can also be transmitted through household items. But this is the most difficult route of infection. Still, it is not recommended to use shared household items with the patient. Most often, infection is possible through dishes, lipstick, a towel, in general, those objects that may touch blistering rashes on the lips.

From mother to child. This is a separate topic for conversation. At first glance, it may seem that the spreading herpes on the lips has nothing to do with the belly of the pregnant woman. This is true, but there are features in which a cold can be dangerous to the fetus. More details about this are written in the article – herpes on the lips during pregnancy.

Herpesvirus is one of the most tenacious viruses outside the host. He does not care about the thermal difference, that is, he is not afraid of strong temperature changes. He also lives in water and on household items. But often the virus can rarely pose a danger to others if there is no one infected with an exacerbation of herpes near the person.


The most dangerous period when you can catch a cold on the lip from a patient is the active phase of the rash. And the most dangerous is when the blistering rash begins to burst and turn into a large infectious bladder. For a better understanding of the stages of the symptoms of herpes sores on the lip, we advise you to read the article – herpes on the lips, where you will see the sequence of stages. So, the stage of damage to the bubbles is the most dangerous for others.

Of course, if we talk about whether it is possible to catch a cold from a patient, when herpes is not yet visible, but is just beginning to fade, then the answer will be – of course you can. But the chance of infection is lower than with active bursting of bubbles, when the liquid begins to pour out onto the surface of the lips. It is during this period that you should be even more careful.


So, if you read somewhere that herpesvirus HSV is dangerous, regardless of whether a person has a relapse or not, this is not true. No qualified doctor knows the answer to this question. Among infectious disease specialists, this problem has been studied for a long time, but they still have not found a solution. If you are wondering how many days the herpes on the lips is contagious, the answer is as long as the herpes rash is visible. That is, while there are visible cold sores with the naked eye, and no matter where they are, it is necessary to monitor as closely as possible so that the virus is not transmitted, relying on the above transmission routes.

WHAT TO DO TO DO NOT INfect others

In order to avoid the danger of transmission, a person with herpes sores needs to adhere to some rules. It is necessary to do everything possible so as not to infect your loved ones, namely:

do not kiss your partner until the ulcers heal completely and they will not be visible at all;

do not have sex with a partner until the ulcers have also passed the last stage of healing;

provide yourself with separate dishes for food and drink during illness;

from the first day of the onset of a cold, switch to active treatment;

reduce contact with loved ones as much as possible.

By adhering to these seemingly simple rules, it will be much easier to avoid catching those around you with a cold rash. And it doesn’t matter if the virus is present in the body of people who are surrounded by a person with a relapse. If people around who have already met the virus will become infected again, then they have a very high probability of a relapse of the disease.

Summing up, it should be noted that colds most often have the properties of being transmitted through direct contacts. Therefore, you should follow the recommendations to exclude household transmission of the virus. And also it should be understood that kissing and having sex is not worth it until the virus is finally suppressed at the level of symptoms. And it is better to immediately start treating this problem.

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