Fast treatment of herpes on the lips with folk remedies

If you have herpes on your lips, treatment with folk remedies will quickly come to the rescue. But you need to understand that it will be much more effective to undergo drug therapy under the supervision of a doctor. Folk remedies for herpes on the lips are also good, but when applied under certain conditions, which are described below.


All people are familiar with herpes on the lips, which is popularly called the common cold. Even if they themselves have never been ill, they have seen sores on the lips of others. And since no one is immune from anything, this article applies to every person. Herpes simplex is an infectious disease, expressed by vesicular rashes on the mucous membranes, lips and skin. Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2.

The virus can be transmitted in different ways:

the path of airborne spread – when communicating with an infected person (when the patient sneezes, coughs, talks);

the path of close contact with an infected herpes – with kissing, oral sex;

the way of household distribution – the general use of various types of accessories (towels, dishes, washcloths, toothbrushes, etc.);

the path of self-infection – spreads with dirty or poorly treated hands with soap from infected places to healthy ones.

Since herpes is an incurable disease, then at the stage of prerequisites for the manifestation of a cold on the lips, folk methods and homemade remedies will help suppress the virus if you start using them in time. Be aware that folk remedies for colds on the lips can be as effective as medicines, only at the very beginning of the onset of herpes.

There are a number of measures in order to cure herpes on the lips with folk remedies, respectively – the earliest possible, as complete as possible, external relief from colds on the lips. To treat herpes on the lips at home, in order to reduce the frequency of the manifestation of colds on the lips and reduce the symptoms and exacerbation of the disease, you can use decoctions of medicinal herbs; homemade ointments. And also there are a variety of folk remedies for external use.


To treat colds on the lips, you can use ointments to quickly and effectively get rid of herpes, made with your own hands at home, using available products according to simple recipes of traditional healers. For cold sore lips, these folk remedies are easy to find.

Garlic, flour and honey. To prepare this ointment, you will need: 3 dessert spoons of natural yogurt, 3 small cloves of garlic, 2 coffee spoons of instant coffee, 2 coffee spoons of wheat flour, 2 coffee spoons of natural honey. Squeeze the garlic with a garlic press in a bowl convenient for mixing. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, give a little time for the ointment to become more elastic. After lubricating her herpes rash. Repeat the process of applying the ointment after each drying and peeling off the crusts to consolidate the effectiveness of the treatment.

From petroleum jelly and calendula. To prepare this ointment, you will need: 2 coffee spoons of dry calendula petals, 2 coffee spoons of petroleum jelly. Grind or grind dry flowers into powder. Mix thoroughly with petroleum jelly until rich. Lubricate herpes with a generous layer.

From honey and ash. To prepare this ointment, you will need: 1 dessert spoon of natural honey, 2 dessert spoons of fresh ash, 4 small cloves of garlic. Thoroughly chop the garlic or squeeze it with a garlic extractor. Take fresh ash from burnt paper; Grind all ingredients in a convenient bowl. The ointment must be applied to the affected area several times during the day.

From honey and sour cream. To prepare this ointment, you will need: 2 coffee spoons of natural honey, 3 dessert spoons of sour cream, gruel from three cloves of medium size garlic. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, apply in a thick layer in the area of ​​the lips. This herpes remedy is used until the rash is completely healed.

From honey and ash leaves. To prepare this ointment, you will need: 3 dessert spoons of puree from fresh ash leaves, a large peeled head of chopped garlic, half a glass of thick honey. Mix all the ingredients, preferably in a blender. Smear the affected areas with the resulting ointment for two hours.


Every home has affordable products that can save an infected person in a matter of days. Consider the treatment of herpes on the lips with these folk remedies.

Toothpaste. This is a good, though unconventional, cold sore remedy. Perfectly dries out rashes filled with infectious fluid. It is necessary to apply the paste to the affected areas in a thick layer, leave until morning, in the morning rinse with warm water.

Egg. Herpes on the lips will quickly pass if you apply a film removed from the inside of a chicken egg shell several times a day. It is necessary to glue it with the sticky part to the herpes bladder. To remove the dried film, it must be moistened with warm water.

Soda. For cold sores, use baking soda. Boil 200 ml of water in an enamel mug, while boiling, pour 1 teaspoon with top of soda, immediately remove the product from the heat, cool slightly and, soaked in the solution, a cotton swab, apply several times to the sores.

Tablespoon. Herpes on the lip can be stopped by applying a hot spoon to newly formed blisters. The process is very painful, but at the onset of the disease, it is quite effective.

Table salt. The traditional way to get rid of cold sores in a few days is to apply a pinch of fine salt to the infected area.


For the treatment of herpes on the lips, tinctures are quite effective, with the help of which the blisters are cauterized at the initial stage of infection.

Propolis tincture. Heals excellently after moxibustion. After the performed procedure, you must use a nourishing cream or any oil to soften the skin.

Rubbing alcohol. Treatments such as moxibustion for herpes blisters can be done with rubbing alcohol. It is necessary to moisten a cotton swab abundantly with alcohol and wipe the infected areas. Herpes on the lip dries well.

Corvalol or valocordin. With the help of these preparations, colds on the lips are perfectly dried and effectively disinfected. These funds are recommended to be used before treatment with medications.

Garlic. Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic. By burning blisters with garlic juice, you can achieve a huge positive result against herpes, you can forget about herpes for a long time. It is necessary to peel a large clove of garlic, squeeze it into cheesecloth, tie it with a bag and use until it is completely healed, refreshing the contents of the bag if necessary. You can simply cut a clove of garlic lengthwise.

Decoctions and flavors for the treatment of wounds

There are a large number of plants that can prevent herpes on the lips when treated with folk remedies and quickly heal wounds using decoctions and infusions for the procedure for washing the affected areas.

Oak bark. Against herpes, the bark is designed to thoroughly rinse the infected areas. Method of preparation: pour 4 dessert spoons of chopped dry bark with one glass of hot, but not boiling, water. Insist 30 minutes in a water bath. Strain. the obtained broth to wash the wounds 2 – 3 times a day.

Aloe. Aloe leaf infusion has anti-inflammatory properties. Cooking method: chop with a knife, or better scroll in a meat grinder. Add water in a ratio of one to five. Let it brew for an hour and a half. Then put the resulting mass on the stove, bring to a boil, boil for three minutes. Cool down. Strain through a fine sieve. Lubricate wounds until complete recovery.


When a cold begins to appear on the lip, then folk remedies such as essential oils will come in handy. Carrying out treatment procedures will not only be effective, but also quite enjoyable. Let’s try to figure out how to cure herpes on the lips using this or that oil.

Fir oil. Necessarily has not only a pleasant aroma of fir needles, but also intensively disinfects and heals wounds. It is an absolutely excellent antiseptic. For an active fight against an infectious disease, using this oil, two to three days are enough.

Tea tree oil. The drug appears to be completely harmless, immunostimulating, antiviral. Has a high content of trace elements and active substances. Damaged areas are restored with this oil. Quite successfully relieves pain and acute inflammation.

Sea buckthorn oil. It is used both in the treatment and prevention of the disease. It is an immunomodulator due to the content of a huge amount of vitamins and organic acids. It has anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing effects.

Both with drug treatment and folk remedies, you can achieve a tremendous effect if you start to use the recommendations of medical specialists and traditional healers in time.

So, we figured out how to treat herpes on the lips using traditional medicine. It is now important to understand one feature of the herpes simplex virus. If herpes sores often make themselves felt, do not rely only on traditional methods to suppress the virus. Since the frequent manifestations of herpes can indicate both complex diseases of the body, and serious problems with the immune system. And in this case, trying to drown it out only with folk methods, you are not struggling with a real problem. Therefore, under such circumstances, it is recommended to urgently visit an infectious disease specialist or therapist.

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