Rules for the treatment of herpes on the chin and its symptoms

When a small rash appears on the face, many do not attach any importance to this, but when you notice herpes on the chin, this can become a very unpleasant phenomenon if treatment is not started immediately. After all, it can spread to other parts of the face and it will be much harder to treat it. In order to properly approach the treatment of herpetic sores on the chin, you need to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and causes of this disease, which are described below.


Herpetic eruptions in the chin area are a rather rare form of manifestation of the virus. Of the eight non-variant existing modifications of the virus, only two are safe. It is important to know that, in all likelihood, the herpes virus lives in all people in the body, it can be transmitted both by contact with an already infected person, and by airborne droplets.

After the virus enters the body, settling in nerve cells, it goes into sleep mode. The immune system, unfortunately, does not protect nerve cells. Accordingly, pathogenic cells, when factors capable of provoking them appear, intensively begin to multiply. Bubble rashes are localized in the areas of the nose, lips and, in some cases, in the chin area in the form of small pimples filled with a cloudy liquid.

Now, in order, let’s take a closer look at how herpes manifests itself on the chin:

Infection with influenza, SARS, acute respiratory infections and other similar diseases;

Negative emotions, various fears, phobias, stress;

Organ transplantation;

Abuse of tobacco products and alcohol;

Self-infection – contacting with a virus carrier or infected with herpes;

Mechanical microdamages of the skin, acne, the presence of wounds on the body;


Deficiency of various enzymes, a complex of vitamins;

Incorrectly balanced nutrition;

Both overheating and hypothermia;

Busy daily routine;

Surgical interventions;

Most often, acne on the chin is not taken seriously. Careless attitude to one’s health often leads to complications. The virus is able to infect other organs, spreading throughout the body, foci of rashes grow, herpetic eczema may begin. That is why it is worth remembering and following the basic rule – maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Herpes on the chin is impossible to predict, this is interpreted by the fact that symptoms are almost not felt in the chin area. The reason is rather rough skin on the chin. The clinical picture of the herpes virus infection is almost impossible to distinguish from the symptoms of herpes in the chin area in both adults and children. But the specificity is still located. In herpes, in the chin area, there is no prodromal stage. In the area where catarrhal acne appeared, neither itching nor the characteristic tingling sensations appear when the lips are infected. The absolutely correct approach to preventing the growth of a herpes rash on the chin in a child, as well as in adults, is to take timely measures to prevent rashes. Although it’s almost impossible.

A cold on the chin has a pronounced redness with small areas of inflamed skin. After a short period of time, small bubbles with a cloudy liquid will begin to appear first. Then they begin to grow rapidly and itch a lot, forming blisters. After a few days, bubbles begin to burst and a liquid filled with viruses begins to flow out. The formation of painful sores and wounds begins to occur, which later become covered with a crust. Symptoms of herpes of the initial stage are not observed for a week after two. At the time of relapse, depending on the immune system, the rash may spread to the lips, cheeks and nose.

With a rash of a blistering rash, there are also such symptoms as:

Aches in the joints and muscles;

Severe malaise and general weakness;

High body temperature.

Children are much more likely to get sick than adults. Usually, rashes of a herpes rash are accompanied by both weakness and fever, accompanied by malaise.


Herpetic sores on the chin should be diagnosed differentially: when all the obvious symptoms are already grouped at the first stage and compared with the suspected disease. With a small probability, a group of symptoms of a given disease is excluded until one group remains, where all the symptoms of the diseased that have manifested themselves will indicate the disease.

In this case, it is necessary to distinguish herpetic manifestations from ordinary acne. There are four main methods for diagnosing herpes simplex:





The specialist conducts a visual examination of the patient, takes an anamnesis, prescribes a series of the above examinations to confirm the diagnosis, and prescribes the appropriate treatment.


If herpes on the chin is not treated in time or it is too late to start treating an already advanced disease of a blistering rash, then the rash will begin to spread not only throughout the chin, but also throughout the face, reaching incredible sizes.

List of drugs that can quickly cure a herpetic rash on the chin:


Zovirax ,


Vivorax ,

Troxevasin ,





Valaciclovir ,




Gerpferon ,




Neovir ,


Leukinferon ,

Complex of vitamins:

B group vitamins,

C vitamins,




Dixetodrophen ,



Naproxen ,

Ketorolac .

Herpes on the chin is the cause of low immunity. With frequent relapse, it is necessary to use antiviral agents, you need to take courses of immunostimulating drugs. More effective drugs are:

Echinacea – a decoction or tincture, a natural immunostimulant, taken in courses;

Cycloferon, Interferon, Viferon – the work of the body is stimulated, the fight of cells against herpes is activated;

Icopid – the drug suppresses the activity of the virus and improves immunity;

Arbidol, Kagocel , Amiksin, Lavomax – stimulate the body to secrete its own interferon;

Isoprinosine – expresses antiviral effect and stimulates the body.

Any treatment is carried out after visiting the clinic, examining a doctor, making a diagnosis and prescribing drugs. In no case should you self-medicate.


Also, with limited funds, treatment can be carried out with alternative medicine, using tinctures and decoctions that can be prepared at home using traditional medicine. For treatment in this format, apply:

Lemongrass Chinese – heals wounded areas, promotes rapid recovery, improves immunity;

Fluoridated toothpaste – applied to the rash;

Honey – the affected skin is lubricated, acts as an antiviral ointment;

Onions and garlic – have antiviral and antimicrobial effects;

Hydrogen peroxide – used to treat and dry rashes;

Lemon juice – applied to the rash to destroy the herpes virus;

Ginseng – has quality properties, is used in various forms;

Tea tree oil – disinfects, has antibacterial properties, does not leave scars on the skin;

Echinacea – increases the body’s defenses, much more effective than medications, brewed like regular tea, taken 3-4 times a day for a week.

Before carrying out treatment with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Treatment in children

Let’s look at how to treat a herpetic rash on the chin in children:

Make lotions with camphor alcohol or ethyl alcohol, they interrupt the spread of the blistering rash.

Apply external preparations to the affected areas independently.

Additionally treat ulcers and wounds with tea tree oil.

Strengthen the child’s immune system with vitamins and ascorbic acid prescribed by the doctor.

To effectively complete the treatment, B vitamins are prescribed, according to the recommendation, Eleutherococcus tincture is taken.

The course of treatment with drugs and dosage is prescribed only by a specialist.


Weakened immunity is one of the reasons leading to relapses of herpes on the chin. To avoid it, you need to change your attitude to the way of life. Think about your health so that relapses do not continue indefinitely and do not negatively affect your body.

Recommendations of preventive measures specialists:

Stress. To avoid a stressful state, it is necessary to try to devote time to stabilizing emotions. This will help walk in the fresh air. In order for the brain to have time to differentiate, it is necessary to divide the received information stream into value, urgency and importance.

Leading a healthy lifestyle. To do this, you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol. For hardening you need to take a contrast shower. Engage in physical culture. Positive communication with family and friends.

Cultural events – visits to theaters, museums and cinemas.

Timely medical examination. Necessary therapy for colds and other diseases.

Summing up, several points can be highlighted. Firstly, herpes sores on the chin must first be distinguished from other diseases and only then treatment should be applied. Secondly, treatment must be started as soon as possible so that the rash does not affect the entire face. And thirdly, with this disease, you should not deal only with folk methods of healing, if you want to avoid relapses and recover faster, consult a doctor.