Herpes on the lips: not scary, but unpleasant

“Colds on the lips”, “fever”, herpes are such a common ailment that there is no need to list its symptoms. Consider yourself very lucky if you have never experienced this itchy sensation from small bubbles that appear along the contour of the lips in your life, did not experience discomfort from the inability to smile and eat normally because of the painful symptoms that appear when cold sores on the lips are covered with a crust. did not try to cover their mouth with their hand to hide unaesthetic blisters that prevent them from feeling free when communicating with people.  

And yet, why does “fever” so often cause physical and psychological discomfort? What is the “basis” of this ailment? What factors influence multiple relapses of the disease? And, most importantly, how to deal with cold sore symptoms?

Who is he – the causative agent of herpes?

As a rule, for the first time, a person encounters the manifestations of herpes on the lips in childhood. The reason for this is infection with the herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1), which is also called herpes simplex. Infection occurs either by airborne droplets, by coughing or sneezing, or by close contact with an infected person – kissing, using common cups, forks, spoons, etc.

The most common form of manifestation of the HSV-1 viral infection is herpes on the lips ( Herpes simplex ), that is, herpes simplex of the face in the form of grouped bubbles with a transparent liquid located on an inflamed base. “Signals” for the imminent appearance of “fever” are a slight burning sensation of the skin, not intense itching, less often – chills and slight malaise.  

Once in the human body, the herpes virus remains in it forever. Gradually, the infection spreads along the nerves and “fixes” in the nerve ganglia. Fortunately, the herpes virus does not always behave actively and not in all people – in more than 80% of those infected, it is in a “dormant” state and may never let you know about its presence.

Factors that can provoke an exacerbation and recurrence of infection are as follows:

Hypothermia or overheating


Viral, bacterial or colds




Depletion of the body due to rigid mono-diets

Hormonal disruptions

Excessive addiction to tanning beds or sunbathing

For people with strong immunity, a cold on the lips is not any serious health threat – rather, it is just a temporary cosmetic defect. But for those who have undergone a major operation, are sick with cancer, for people with HIV and AIDS, the herpes virus can be really dangerous, since it often affects the internal organs.

How to deal with the symptoms of herpes on the lips?

It is impossible to completely recover from the herpes virus of any group, including HSV-1. However, there are a number of antiviral drugs that suppress the vital activity of the infection quite effectively.

Among pharmaceuticals for local and systemic use, generic drugs (Acyclovir, Zovirax , Gerpferon , etc.) have proven themselves well . Medicines are produced in the form of ointments, creams, tablets, solutions for injections. They are used without a doctor’s prescription.

Valacyclovir ( Valtrex , Valtrex ) is a very effective remedy. Suppresses the biological activity of the virus, quickly relieves the symptoms of herpes on the lips , prevents further multiplication of the infection and prevents the likelihood of HSV-1 transmission by contact and household contact. 

Famciclovir ( Famvir ). Release form – tablets. Shows excellent results in the treatment of symptoms of the Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster virus , which are resistant to acyclovir. The principle of action is similar to treatment with drugs with valacyclovir and acyclovir.

There are a lot of remedies for the treatment of herpes, both in official and in traditional medicine. It is only important to remember that it will be easier to eliminate the symptoms of “fever” on the lips, the earlier the chosen course of treatment is started.

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