Folk remedies for the treatment of herpes

Herpes is a viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets, household, sexually. The factors that provoke the appearance of herpes inflammation on the mucous membranes and skin are, first of all, a weakened immune system. The slightest hypothermia, the use of drugs, stress, colds, an allergic reaction to any product, overwork – and now itching, burning, and then blistering blisters appear along the edge of the lips , which cause a lot of inconvenience when eating, and from an aesthetic point of view vision look very unpleasant. Perhaps every person at least once, but still had herpes – this is such a common disease.

It is not difficult to relieve the symptoms of this disease – herpes goes away as quickly as it appears. The pharmacies sell a lot of all kinds of pharmaceuticals to fight the virus. But in the first place are folk remedies for the treatment of herpes , the recipes for which there are a huge variety. Let’s consider some of them. 

Always at hand

The most popular and common way to treat herpes symptoms is to lubricate the blisters as soon as they start to appear with earwax. This “medicine” is always at hand for everyone, it is enough just to get the sulfur from the ear with a cotton swab and lubricate the affected area with it.

No less available are such folk remedies for the treatment of herpes as soda or salt, aloe or kolanchoe , lemon, garlic, the inner film of the eggshell. Freshly squeezed juice of the leaves of kolanchoe and aloe should be lubricated “cold” several times a day. In addition , aloe juice can be taken orally – a teaspoon, 3 times a day. True, it tastes very bitter, so it is recommended to dilute this product with a small amount of honey, or simply “seize” aloe juice with a teaspoon of honey.  

Herpes is smeared with lemon juice as soon as the characteristic itching begins to be felt on the lips. Garlic is also used in the same way – either with half a clove of garlic, or smear the affected area with juice (preferably at night) until the symptoms of herpes disappear.

Salt and soda are dissolved in very hot boiled water and a cotton swab dipped in this solution is applied to the blisters of herpes. By the way, a pinch of salt can be applied to herpes inflammation just like that, without diluting it in water. And if herpes appears not only on the lips, but also on the genitals, on the skin, it is recommended to take warm baths with sea salt.

Eggshells can also be found in any kitchen. It is necessary to carefully separate the thin film from its inner side, and then “stick” to the herpes. When the film dries up, you need to replace it with a fresh one.

Even strong black tea is used to treat herpes. You need to either firmly press a hot teaspoon to the “cold”, with which you stir the freshly brewed tea, or apply a slightly squeezed, also hot, tea bag to the herpes bubbles.

Herbal infusions, medicinal teas, baths

Herbal medicine is one of the best ways to cope with immunodeficiency, and therefore the symptoms of herpes. For example, it is very useful to drink burdock, sassafras or meadow clover teas as a prophylaxis against herpes.

To relieve the symptoms of herpes, it is recommended to drink an herbal infusion 3-4 times a day (half a glass for 1 time). This collection includes herb lemon balm, thyme and motherwort, chamomile flowers, raspberry leaves and juniper berries – 2 tbsp. spoons, plus 1 tbsp. a spoonful of St. John’s wort, adonis and wormwood. It is necessary to pour 2 tablespoons of the dry mixture with two glasses of boiling water, insist for an hour, strain the infusion and drink it, as mentioned above, as soon as the herpes appears and over the next two weeks.

Folk remedies for treating herpes are also baths with essential oils. A mixture of bergamot, geranium and eucalyptus essential oils should be added to water and taken in a bath for 15 minutes. Unpleasant sensations from herpes blisters can also relieve baths with elixir of violet tricolor, tea tree or lemon oil. 

All these substances have the strongest anti-inflammatory, sedative and antiseptic effect, therefore they help to cope with herpes as soon as possible.

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