Herpes on the lips: treatment with ointments

Herpes is a viral disease caused by the presence of the herpes simplex virus in the body . The virus is present in the body of most of the people on the planet, but it begins to develop in the presence of a favorable environment for it: lowered immunity, colds, hypothermia, poor nutrition. In the event of a disease such as herpes on the lips , the treatment should be, first of all, adequate and prompt, since the “fever” in its neglected form is much more difficult to cure.     

The symptoms of this unpleasant ailment are well known to everyone. Initially, herpes appears as a slight itching on the lips. Further, a blistering rash forms, which subsequently dries up and becomes covered with a crust. At the same time, painful cracks form along the edge of the lips, preventing a person from eating, smiling, even talking.

Local therapy for herpes

In the absence of timely treatment (especially in children), the rash may spread to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, to the chin and the outer surface of the nose (especially in children). At the first symptoms of herpes, it is recommended to use medicinal ointments with antiviral properties. Ointments help relieve the itching discomfort of the affected area and promote faster healing of rashes.

It is advisable to start using ointments before the rash appears. Before using the medicine, the affected area must be washed with warm water and soap and dried with a soft cloth. Hands should be washed thoroughly both before and after the procedure to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of the body.

When treating herpes infection with ointments on the lips, the agent, in a small amount, is applied to the inflamed areas of the skin and directly to the formed bubbles. After absorbing the ointment, itching, burning and dryness of the lips disappear almost instantly. The use of drugs for local therapy for herpes is allowed at any stage of the disease. Even women in early pregnancy are allowed to use the ointment for the “cold” on the lips.    

The best types of ointments for herpes on the lips

There are many medications for getting rid of herpes. The most effective are the following:

Viru- Merz serol – gel antiviral action, containing the active ingredient tromantadine . The gel is not addictive and relieves burning and itching well. It is applied for five days in the form of application to the inflamed areas five times a day.  

Bonafton is an antiviral ointment containing Bromnaphthoquinone . It is applied four times a day for three stages in five-day courses with a two-day break. 

Tebrofen ointment is an anti-inflammatory agent containing tetrabromotetrahydroxydiphenyl . The affected areas are treated three times a day for a week. 

Panavir is a gel with immunomodulatory and antiviral properties based on Solanumtuberosum plant extract . The gel helps to increase immunity in areas of inflammation. The gel is applied to the inflamed areas five times a day for five to ten days. 

Bepanten Panthenol Dexpanthenol Depanthenol – means for the additional treatment of herpes. They stimulate tissue regeneration and promote rapid healing of blistering eruptions. 

In the presence of the herpes virus on the lips, treatment with certain types of ointments brings the fastest positive result. This is a directional ointment, which is achieved due to the content of the active substance acyclovir in them. These include:  

Acyclovir is a cream or ointment that actively affects various manifestations of the herpes virus. 

Acigerpine is an ointment or cream that is applied to inflammation every three hours. 

Vivorax is a cream that enhances its effect when combined with the use of immunostimulating drugs. 

Zovirax is the most popular anti-virus agent. It is applied to the affected area five times a day. 

It is also possible to use ointments for the treatment of herpes for prophylactic purposes to prevent an exacerbation of the disease, if the presence of the virus is known for certain.

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