How to quickly cure herpes on the lip with folk remedies?

Herpes is a very unpleasant viral disease of a chronic nature, which manifests itself on the lips (less often on the oral mucosa and in the nasolabial folds) in the form of grouped watery bubbles. The herpes virus is transmitted through household items, with close physical contact with an infected person, by airborne droplets. It is completely impossible to cure herpes – existing drugs can only eliminate the symptoms of the disease and stop the further progression of the disease.

Exacerbations of the disease occur mainly as a result of hypothermia, against the background of weakened immunity, due to overheating of the body in summer, especially if you are in a draft. The harbingers of an exacerbation are itching and burning of the skin at the site of a future rash, a slight chill and general weakness of the body, as with a common cold, are possible.

You can treat lip herpes with one of the many over-the-counter pharmacological medications. Ointments, gels, tablets, pharmaceutical compositions are quite effective and allow you to get rid of painful and unpleasant symptoms of “lip fever” in a short time. However, popular folk remedies are no less effective , which allow you to quickly cure herpes on the lip for free, are always at hand with any person.  

Proven folk recipes

There are many unconventional ways to quickly eliminate cold symptoms. Surely every man will be found her, checked, 100% – ny recipe, which he uses at the slightest sign of the onset of inflammation at bay. Here are just a few examples.

– earwax. Take out a small amount of sulfur mass with a cotton swab and apply to the affected area;

– honey with apple cider vinegar, taken in equal proportions. Grind to the state of an ointment and apply on a herpes rash;

– garlic. Pass through the press, and lubricate the herpes on the lip with the resulting gruel;

– fir oil. Moisten a sponge in oil and apply every two hours to a “cold”;

– Aloe or Kalanchoe juice . Helps prevent itching and inflammation. In addition, it has a decimating effect and promotes rapid healing of the skin affected by herpes;

– cologne or valocordin. Cauterize the “fever” on the lip, moistening cotton wool in cologne;

– Black tea. Apply a hot sachet to a cold sore several times a day;

– lemon pulp. Rub the “cold” several times a day.

The propolis tincture has proven itself excellently in the treatment of herpes on the lip. It is advisable to combine the use of this folk medicine with a soothing cream. The action of the tincture is very aggressive towards the herpes virus, therefore it helps to cure herpes on the lip very quickly and has a drying and disinfecting effect at the same time.  

“Alternative” recipes

It is possible to cauterize the problem areas of boric acid (2% – ny solution), and when the wound dry out slightly lubricate them olive oil. You can use baking soda by dissolving one tablespoon in half a glass of hot water – moisten a cotton swab in this solution and lubricate the herpes on your lip from time to time. When it dries up and a white crust appears, you do not need to wash it off! The procedure should be repeated again after 1 – 2 hours.

If the exacerbation of the disease occurred in the summer, then it is advisable to use sprigs of raspberries. They are well washed with boiled water and cut into small pieces, after which they are chewed in the mouth and the resulting gruel is applied to the sore spot. This procedure provides an opportunity to quickly cure herpes on the lip due to the content of polyphenolic substances in raspberry branches, which suppress the activity of viruses.  

Even before the appearance of bubbles, you can lubricate the inflamed area with ordinary fluoride toothpaste or table salt, which dries and disinfects the affected skin well.

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