Genital herpes in women

Genital herpes in women is triggered by the herpes simplex virus. Infection with genital herpes in women occurs sexually or with poor intimate hygiene. Genital herpes in women can begin to develop due to its transfer from herpes on the lips.

The herpes simplex virus penetrates the skin through the pores and minor violations of the integrity of the skin. After this, the latent period of the course of the disease begins. The main reason for the activation of genital herpes in women is considered to be stress or nervous strain. Such nerve surges excite the body’s immunity, in response to which bubbles begin to form on the genitals.

By the way, the time of the latent course of the disease can be very long. The herpes simplex virus may be silent for several years. In addition, if a woman is a carrier of genital herpes in the latent period, without knowing it, she can infect her sexual partner with every sexual contact. For this reason, if there is at least minimal suspicion, it is necessary to use a condom.

If genital herpes in women has already passed into the stage of activity, in other words, symptoms of the disease have appeared, it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse altogether, since infection with genital herpes during the period of its activity is more likely. 

Nevertheless, not only a nervous shock, but also other factors related to the weakening of the protective properties of the immune system can provoke the development of genital herpes in women. For example, if a woman has suffered hypothermia or overheating, or she has begun a cycle of menstruation, then all these conditions listed can trigger the development of genital herpes.

As a rule, the initial symptoms of genital herpes in women are scabies and burning sensation on the genitals. Then swelling occurs, after which blisters begin to form on the mucous membrane of the genitals. The body temperature rises, weakness occurs. After the bubbles rupture, small ulcers form in their place, which disappear after about seven days.

A particularly dangerous case of genital herpes in women is the period of pregnancy, since the virus can significantly undermine the health of the child.

Treatment and prevention of genital herpes in women

– strengthening of general immunity. To maintain immunity, especially during the period of active development of the disease, it is necessary to adjust the diet, take additional vitamin complexes, give rest to the body, and lead an active lifestyle.

– to fight and prevent infection, it is necessary to pay attention to the normalization of the nervous system. A positive attitude can help you cope with anxiety and stress. Although genital herpes is considered a chronic disease, this does not mean that blistering rashes will constantly bother you. To combat blistering rashes, it is necessary to use medicinal ointments, which a doctor should prescribe. The use of hormonal drugs is only recommended as a last resort.

– with a rash on the genitals of vesicles, it is necessary to keep the genitals clean, rinse with clean water twice a day using special means for intimate hygiene. There are a lot of such products now, and it is better to consult a gynecologist before buying, since an allergy may arise to a certain remedy.

– gynecologists recommend wearing underwear only from natural fabrics, since synthetics irritate the skin and mucous membranes, causing harm.

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