How to cure herpes on the lip?

Herpes is an infectious disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus is present in the body of most people, but is mostly dormant. With a decrease in immunity, the virus begins to actively multiply, and herpes manifests itself in the form of bubble rashes on the lips, in the area of ​​the nose and chin, in rare cases in the area of ​​the cheeks and eyes. The rash brings an itching and burning sensation. Sometimes herpes is accompanied by poor health, fever, headache, painful manifestations in the area of ​​the rash.

The causes that provoke herpes rash can be infectious diseases, stress, overwork, pregnancy and other factors that lower immunity. The greatest physical and aesthetic discomfort comes from herpes on the lips. Therefore, the question of how to cure herpes on the lip is very relevant. It should be noted right away that getting rid of herpes is completely impossible. But it is quite possible to eliminate its external manifestations if medication or folk remedies are used correctly and on time.  

Medication treatment

Ointments, gels and creams containing antiviral substances ( Zovirax , Penciclovir , Gerpevir , Acyclovir, Famciclovir ) are effective medicines for the treatment of “colds” on the lips . They contribute to the rapid elimination of rashes and the prevention of further spread of tissue damage. Treatment with ointments should be started at the slightest manifestation of a cold on the lips.

The use of different ointments can undoubtedly be the answer to the question of how to cure herpes on the lip , but in order to prevent future manifestations of the virus, it is imperative to increase immunity. Echinacea tincture or Immunal can be used as immunomodulatory drugs . In addition, it is useful to drink a course of vitamin complexes ( Supradin , Neuromultivit , Supradin ). 

If, when herpes appears, the necessary ointments are not available, you can lubricate the affected area with paracetamol or aspirin softened in water.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies can be just as effective in treating the herpes virus. The only thing that should be considered before as a quick cure herpes, appeared on the lip – this idiosyncrasy of some components of the recipe. Therefore, deciding to try something new in the fight against herpes, you should be careful and consult your doctor.      

Fir oil. Oil lubrication of the inflamed areas of the lip edge contributes to the disinfection and early healing of the inflammation. Apply oil every two hours. 

Propolis tincture. With a frequency of two hours, a tincture is applied to the inflammation, and after 15 minutes the rash is lubricated with a moisturizer. 

Salt. Ordinary table salt can be applied to the affected area or rinsed with saline for a “cold”. 

Toothpaste. The application of the paste helps in disinfecting and drying the lesions. 

Garlic. You can lubricate inflammation with garlic juice or a mixture of honey and garlic. 

Soda. You can “powder” inflammation with baking soda or make compresses from a soda solution. 

Kalanchoe The juice of the Kalanchoe plant quickly heals herpes rash and relieves inflammation well. 

Aloe. Lubricating inflammations with aloe juice disinfects wounds and perfectly heals lesions, preventing their further spread. 

If the herpes rash recurs too often, antiviral drugs may be appropriate. In the cold season, you can use a special lipstick against herpes. In addition, it is necessary to change the diet, including in it as many products as possible with a high content of selenium and zinc, vitamins of group B. Chocolate, alcohol should be excluded from the constant diet, and the consumption of sugar, salt and spices should be reduced.

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