Herpes virus increases life expectancy in cancer patients

After conducting research, scientists have come to the conclusion that the herpes virus can prolong the life of people with skin cancer. As it turned out during long-term tests, the genetically modified herpes virus, getting inside the cancer cells, begins to multiply, which contributes to the production of a protein that begins to stimulate the immune system of the human body, due to which the life of a patient with skin cancer is extended for several years.

Scientists came to this conclusion after conducting a study involving more than a hundred volunteers with rapidly progressive forms of third and fourth degree melanoma. The treatment, called T-VEC, has already passed the final stage of testing. As a result, 25% of the subjects showed positive dynamics, and 10% managed to achieve remission. On average, patients treated with T-VEC survived nearly 20 months longer than those treated with traditional methods.

According to experts, this is not at all a panacea for such a serious disease, but it can extend the life of a person with skin cancer by 4-5 years. You can read more about the results of scientific work by reading an article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology .

Scientists believe that their method of fighting skin cancer will begin to be applied in the near future. And it will help, if not win, then at least slow down its development.

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