How can you smear chickenpox in children other than brilliant green and which remedy is better

For most people, chickenpox is associated with a child covered in polka dots with green spots, but when the question arises of how to smear chickenpox in children other than green, people do not even suspect why they smear it. Of course, there are products similar in action to brilliant green, because it’s just an alcohol antiseptic with a dye. Below we will look at several remedies that can be used for chickenpox instead of brilliant green, but first we will figure out what this green solution is generally used for.


Children who have had chickenpox can be seen without much difficulty – as a rule, they are covered from head to toe with bright green spots. Infected children have specific skin rashes on the body, they must be lubricated with special means. Usually they are treated with greenery. Currently, almost no one uses greenery anymore.

Zelenka is not only hard to wash off clothes, it is poorly washed from the skin, it also dries out rashes and leaves scars and scars on the body of children. To date, Zelenka, for the treatment of rashes, few people use. In fact, the treatment of the affected elements of the green rash does not have any therapeutic effect, due to the fact that the virus is the basis for the disease. And it is impossible to kill the virus with an antibacterial agent. And based on the fact that chickenpox is herpes of the third type, it is impossible to kill this virus doubly.

The use of brilliant green was necessary in order to establish when the child ceases to be contagious. Every morning, children are treated with completely new rashes that have appeared in the form of bubbles. If it is found that there are no bubbles left unsmeared with green, it means that after five days the children are not contagious.

It must be remembered that brilliant green is a synthetic aniline dye, it has no therapeutic effect on chickenpox. Let’s consider how and how to smear chickenpox in children, except for greenery. There are targeted effective remedies for chickenpox.


PoxClean instead of green

Medical cooling hydrogel for significant relief of symptoms of chickenpox. Accelerates the immediate process of rapid healing and effectively prevents the formation of scars on the skin. It is often used for chickenpox in children, just so as not to smear the child with brilliant green. And this is not surprising, since this tool has a number of advantages:

does not leave stains;

allowed for children from 2 years of age;

the composition does not include chemical and toxic substances;

prevents the development of an infectious disease by harmful pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic microbes;

does not show particularly harmful effects on the own cells of the human body;

does not generate addiction;

does not have a negative therapeutic effect;

has a long-term cooling effect for rapid significant relief of the symptoms of chickenpox;

consists entirely of natural ingredients ( panthenol , extracts of aloe vera, chamomile and lavender);

provides a cooling, soothing and softening therapeutic effect;

convenient and harmless to use.

This preparation is convenient in systematic application – while the local distribution of thick protective creams and medicated ointments over the body can easily lead to serious damage to the bubbles, the cooling hydrogel is very easy to apply locally and does not cause friction in the tactile zones when spread on the skin.

Calamine lotion

A multifunctional drug used in the medical treatment of skin lesions from chickenpox. It is widely used to eliminate severe itching associated with skin lesions in chickenpox. An excellent proven drug. It has the following properties:

soothes the skin;

dries up blisters

pleasantly cools the skin;

reduces redness, severe inflammation and swelling;

actively prevents the further wide spread of anomalous processes;

significantly accelerates the complete restoration of skin tissues and cells;

covers the damaged area of the body with a particularly protective film;

prevents extremely aggressive influence of the external environment;

widely used for the complete removal of painful irritation;

removes the unpleasant sensation of skin itching, the desire to comb a skin rash;

gradually leaves absolutely no noticeable traces behind.

The basis of the drug includes components of natural origin. It does not include substances that are particularly harmful to the skin and the human body, mainly such as hormones and alcohol. The main composition includes glycerin, purified water, bentonite, phenol, sodium citrate, medical clay, calamine 15% and zinc oxide 5%.

Fukortsin – the closest analogue of greenery

Chickenpox, in addition to greenery, is often smeared with Fukortsin . Fukortsin is a disinfectant, as well as an antiseptic drug for external use. It is widely used in the medical treatment of various wounds, severe erosions, serious cracks, numerous abrasions, as well as somatic diseases of the thin skin.

Fucorcin is also given the name of red green or pink liquid.

Nowadays, Fukortsin is published in a single dosage form – this is a special solution for external use.

Fukortsina in the form of an ointment is not available.

pastor Fucorcin is a dark red liquid.

It has a specific aroma of phenol.

there are many ways to wash the places where pink spots remain from this remedy, which will be applied to a child during chickenpox.

the standard solution is poured into glass vials.

some glass bottles are equipped with plastic stoppers-droppers or plastic stoppers with shaving brushes for maximum convenience of local application of a special solution to the damaged skin in order to enhance their disinfection, as well as for the medical prevention of suppuration.

with chickenpox, it is used to stop a spreading infectious process.

This medicine for chickenpox for children must be applied pointwise, only on the affected areas. Do not treat the skin with a continuous field. This basic requirement is due to the fact that when the drug is applied to fairly large areas of the skin, phenol, which is part of Fucorcin , is likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream . This is due to the fact that the solution can cause dizziness, failure of the respiratory system or general weakness of the body – toxic phenomena.

So, we looked at how to treat chickenpox in children and adults by replacing the brilliant green. But it is worth noting that with a severe course of the disease, special antiherpetic drugs are used, which are aimed at directly combating the chickenpox virus. If the chickenpox passes quietly, then there is no need for this. And also do not forget that with chickenpox, it is imperative to bathe the child in water and, with severe itching, consult a doctor for prescribing antihistamines. Just remember that anti-itch products must be used very carefully, they can cause complications.

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