What to do with persistent herpes on the lips and the causes of frequent relapses

Many do not even think that permanent herpes on the lips, the causes of which do not bother anyone, can be very dangerous. If for most people a cold on the lip is just a cosmetic problem, then when it tends to appear twice a month, it makes you think. Of course, twice a month these are rare cases, but even when a herpetic rash appears every three months or does not go away for a long time, it is dangerous.


Let’s see how many rashes per year herpes on the lips is considered a pathology, or a frequent manifestation. The norm at which recurrent herpes is not so terrible is no more than twice a year. This is normal, because the herpesvirus constantly lives in the body and waits for favorable conditions for activation. In winter frosts, when we catch a cold, the immune system suffers and a cold on the lip makes itself felt.

But if you are tormented by herpes and are constantly worried about you, then this can either indicate serious diseases that push the herpes simplex virus to constantly recur, or the immune system is in a very depressed state. With such disorders of the body, herpes can appear up to six times a year or more both on the lip and on other parts of the body. And yet, in the vast majority of cases, the fault of the fact that a cold begins to jump up more and more often is a failure of the immune system. That is why herpes often appears on the lips.


So, we figured out that frequent herpes on the lips is a recurrence of herpes from three times a year. Now let’s look at why herpes on the lips often starts to come out and the reasons for this phenomenon. Before we move on to the factors, it should be noted that often appearing herpes on the lips or on other areas of the skin always indicates a weakening of the immune system. This feature of the virus itself, especially when re-infected. Therefore, with a weakened immune system, almost any factor of its suppression subsequently leads to a recurrence of herpes on the lips.

The causes of frequent colds on the lips can be the following factors:

poor or poor quality food;

hypothermia and frequent colds;

with sore throat and SARS;

overheating in the sun or general overheating of the body;

the occurrence of frequent cold rashes may be due to smoking;

frequent consumption of drinks containing caffeine;

with frequent depressive states and stress;

with frequent use of alcohol;

often herpes on the lips does not go away with diabetes or AIDS;

in diseases associated with the stomach or intestines.

As you can see, there are many factors due to which herpes recurs in the lip area. Even an unstable emotional state can provoke frequent colds. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor not only the physical component of your body, but also try to control yourself on an emotional level.


It is necessary to treat permanent herpes on the lips in a complex way. First, it is necessary to carry out treatment aimed at relieving symptoms. Secondly, you need to take care of the return of the immune system to normal. And thirdly, you need to use antiherpetic drugs that are designed specifically to combat this virus.

Let’s look at a treatment plan for an exacerbation, namely when the frequent appearance of herpes on the lips requires special attention.

Antiviral. Of the antiviral drugs in the treatment of herpes on the lips, Acyclovir or Zovirax is often used . Here it is necessary to consult a specialist so that he correctly prescribes the pills. In addition to tablets, there are ointments with the same name of the above drugs. They are good at dealing with the problem when a cold is just starting to pop up.

Interferons and immunostimulants. Immunomodulatory drugs are needed to correct immunity. If the appearance of a herpetic rash exceeds more than three times a year, then it is imperative to use them. But it is important to address this issue to a specialist, you should not buy, much less use immunostimulating agents on your own.

Diet and nutrition. When herpes begins to pop up on the lips for no apparent reason and does not go away for a long time, except for a complex of drugs, it is necessary to adhere to the right diet. In this rule, we again touch on immunity. That is, you need to eat more foods that contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals.

So, summing up, it is worth noting that a cold can pop up due to both a physical failure in the body and a psychological one. And now, if a herpetic rash starts to come out often, you know what to do. The main thing is not to come up with a treatment for yourself, it’s not for nothing that we didn’t use a pharmacological treatment plan in the article, because constantly repeating herpes on the lip requires an individual approach. Be examined by an infectious disease specialist, and only after that start treatment.

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