What does genital herpes look like?


Vaginal herpes is one of the manifestations of the localization of rashes of genital herpesvirus. This localization is rather painful, in contrast to manifestations in other areas of the genital or near the genital zone. Below we will look at how to treat vaginal herpes, its symptoms and routes of infection.


The causative agent of vaginal herpes is HSV (herpes simplex virus) or as it is also called herpes simplex. Vaginal herpes is the localization of genital herpes in the vaginal area. That is, all the causes and routes of transmission, including the pathogen, relate to genital herpes, but with the affected area in the vagina.

Most often, primary infection occurs through the ingress of HSV type 1 into the body at an early age, and then relapses of the disease begin, including rashes on the genitals. With frequent relapses of the herpes simplex virus, HSV type 2 is diagnosed. The first and second types differ, first of all, not in different localization, but in the frequency of relapses. And you need to understand that any type of herpes simplex can get enough sleep on almost any part of the skin throughout the body.

Many people ask – why do they say that genital or vaginal herpes is usually transmitted through sexual intercourse? The fact is that most often this is not the primary transmission of the virus from partner to partner, but the ability to activate the virus in a person who does not have problems with relapses of herpes infection. That is, if a person who lived without problems had unprotected sexual contact with a person who has recurrent HSV in the genital area, then the likelihood that the first will also have a relapse is great.

And now let’s look at the ways of transmission of the virus during primary infection, if a girl is not yet a carrier, or if she is a carrier of the virus, then at what sexual contact a relapse of the disease can occur in the form of vaginal herpes:

during direct vaginal sex with an HSV carrier, if it is not completely suppressed in the carrier or there is a relapse;

during anal sex with a carrier with the same parameters of the virus activity, after which the rash can spread both to the buttocks and to the vagina;

during oral sex with a carrier of the virus, if the partner has a relapse in the form of HSV rashes on the lips or in the mouth in the form of herpetic stomatitis.

That is why it is necessary to conduct protected sexual intercourse or forgive the partner to be tested for the activity of the virus in the body. Since the partner may not always have visible symptoms when the virus is active.

Symptoms of vaginal herpes

Symptoms of vaginal herpes have clear time boundaries, we will divide these boundaries into stages in order to make it easier to diagnose the disease:

Prodromal stage. This stage is between the incubation period and the disease itself and lasts for several days. At the prodromal stage, there is a high temperature, numbness is felt in some areas of the skin in the hips and buttocks, and the disease is accompanied by general weakness of the body and migraine.

The stage of the rash. After the prodromal stage, rashes begin to form in the vagina. Unlike the previous stage, where the disease can be confused with other diseases, the signs of vaginal herpes in the form of a rash give serious reasons to believe that there is a herpes infection. Initially, there is itching and a slight burning sensation in the vaginal area, a few hours after that a small rash forms. Often the symptoms of a rash extend to the external genitalia.

Bubble erosion stage. At this stage, real torment begins, as the rash begins to grow and form bubbles, which subsequently burst and hurt. Despite this, they heal quite quickly.

The stage of crust formation. When the bubbles dry up, they begin to heal. In order to quickly heal the formation, the body covers the ulcers with crusts. This is also a rather painful stage, since some bubbles dry up, while others only form and burst again.

Healing stage. As the rash heals, the scabs completely peel off and heal with new skin after the symptoms of the rash have completely healed and healed.

It is important to know that vaginal herpes may not be symptomatic. This usually occurs when the disease recurs. At this moment, the woman is still an active carrier of infection and will transmit the virus to her partner during sexual intercourse.

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