Rosehip is the best remedy for herpes

Herpes on the lips causes a lot of trouble for a huge number of people. Representatives of the fairer sex especially suffer from such rashes. Herpes can spread not only on the lips, but also affect the wings of the nose and even internal organs.

The herpes virus is activated in the human body under the influence of several negative factors, including poor hygiene. If the prevention of herpes on the lips has not worked, and the harmful bubbles have already crawled out, you should immediately start taking action. Rosehip is recognized as the most effective natural remedy for herpes.

To treat herpes on the lips, grind the rosehip roots, take two tablespoons, and brew 500 ml. boiling water and bring to a boil in a steam bath. Cool and drain thoroughly. Then add clean boiled water to the original volume. This broth should be used to wash your face twice a day. When washing, care must be taken that the broth does not get into the eyes.

Simultaneously with this remedy, you should take a rosehip tincture on alcohol to protect against herpes of internal organs and strengthen the immune system. One of the reasons for the development of herpes is a deficiency of ascorbic acid, which is found in large quantities in rose hips. However, it must be remembered that if such funds did not help in the first few days of use, then you should consult a specialist.  

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