Ointment for herpes on the lips – which one to choose?

The simplest herpes virus (types 1 and 2) is present in the nerve fibers of every person. The degree of visual manifestation of this infection depends on the presence of a strong immune system. The high resistance of the body suppresses the activity of herpes, while the suppression of its own barrier systems shows multiple signs of the disease. “Colds”, herpes rashes in the genital area, eyes and other parts of the body are successfully treated with special antiviral drugs. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The most effective are creamy drugs used for topical treatment. For example, an ointment for herpes on the lips is the best preventive and curative way of influencing the disease in the specified area of ​​the lesion. Depending on the concentration of the main active ingredient (acyclovir), there are varieties of specific drugs.  

Effective ointments for herpes

The most common type of antiherpes ointment is Acyclovir itself. The composition of this medication includes the active substance itself (5 mg), as well as animal fat (chicken). This type of drug does not contain other additive components that stimulate the activity of acyclovir. This circumstance explains the wide affordability of the drug. At the same time, Acyclovir ointment is recognized by specialists as less active in terms of the rate of suppression of the virus. In this regard, the duration of the therapeutic course can be up to one and a half weeks.

Zovirax , an ointment for herpes on the lips , genitals and the mucous membrane of the eye, is recognized as more effective . This drug is based on the identical acyclovir. However, in this case, the active ingredient is more concentrated. As a result, the timely use of Zovirax guarantees the fastest possible recovery (no later than the fifth day of active use). 

In general, antiviral drugs of this type are also prescribed for the treatment of chickenpox and shingles. The choice of treatment tactics and the duration of the therapeutic course will depend on the accuracy of the diagnosis and the degree of external manifestation of the virus.

Principles for the use of antiviral agents

For the best effect, experts recommend using any antiviral ointment at least 4-5 times a day,

applying it in a thin layer to the affected area of ​​the skin. In this case, it is important not to damage the “cold”, not to eliminate the skin formation on your own. Otherwise, the infection may quickly spread to neighboring healthy areas of the skin, the development of extensive herpes. Prompt elimination of complicated manifestations may take a rather longer period (up to several weeks) and require the inclusion of special immunomodulating and antiviral drugs (in the form of tablets).

In some cases, the use of herpes ointment on the lips can provoke a number of allergic reactions. Symptomatic manifestations of itching on the mucous membranes, peeling of the skin at the end of treatment are recognized as frequent. These side effects are explained by the individual characteristics of the organism and are not an indication for canceling the prescribed treatment.  

A single manifestation of a “cold” on the lips indicates the occurrence of a local or general immunodeficiency (after transferring other viral, inflammatory diseases). In this case, an effective way to combat the manifestations of the herpes virus is to use special ointments. However, this method of treatment cannot be universal for cases in which the skin manifestations of the infection are chronic. For such a course of the disease, complex immunomodulatory and antiviral therapy is provided using specific injections and tablet preparations.

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