How to treat genital herpes

Treatment of genital herpes is a rather difficult problem, since now there are practically no drugs that have a direct destructive effect on the causative agent of this disease. In addition, frequent relapses are difficult to treat for genital herpes.

The course of the disease is usually characterized by the constant presence of the herpes virus in the body. It is worth noting that at the moment there is not a single drug that can completely eliminate herpes from the body. In this regard, the treatment of genital herpes is carried out in a complex and is aimed at inhibiting the further development of the virus, while stimulating the body’s resistance.

In the process of treating genital herpes, several more are pursued: 

– to reduce the manifestation or shorten the duration of the signs of genital herpes – itching, painful sensations, fever;

– to minimize the period of tightening of the affected skin;

– to minimize the period and manifestation of the spread of herpes in the affected area;

– to reduce the manifestation of relapses of the disease;

– try to eliminate the infection in order to prevent relapse.

Elimination of infection from the body can be performed only on condition that therapy with chemical drugs was started no later than a day after the onset of the disease. In this case, the transformation of herpes into a chronic form can be prevented.

All currently existing remedies for the treatment of genital herpes can be divided into several main categories: 

– synthetic substances that suppress the activity of nucleic acid enzymes;

– a protective protein and its compounds, characterized by activity;

– drugs characterized by a different principle of action on the herpes virus.

Of all the drugs similar to nucleosides, the main drug is Zovirax , which has a complex principle of action on the virus. Its mechanism is to recognize differences in the metabolism of infected and healthy cells. 

During the period of acute illness, this drug is used at 150 mg, three or five times daily. The course of treatment for genital herpes is a week. Zovirax makes it possible to shorten the period of occurrence of blistering rashes, accelerates the healing process of damaged tissue. Regular use of Zovirax according to the same scheme for several years makes it possible to achieve a remission state in the process of using the drug.   

In the treatment of genital herpes, the antiviral agent Foscarnet has proven itself positively , which suppresses the activity of herpetic DNA, while not upsetting the overall function.

Therapy with this drug should be carried out when the initial signs of the herpes virus occur, such as a burning sensation and itching, painful sensations. Subject to the timely start of treatment with Foscarnet, the growth of the herpes virus is completely inhibited.

The result of treatment in a complex that combines the use of topical antiviral drugs and interferon, in particular its type of leukinferon, is much more effective .

Therapy is carried out using intramuscular injections. The course of treatment is 10 ampoules, with an interval of 5 days in the middle of the treatment. 

If the process of development of genital herpes is prolonged, then human immunoglobulin is prescribed , which is characterized by an antiherpetic effect.

In order to prevent infection of the child during childbirth, pregnant women suffering from the herpes virus are given a caesarean section. 

Primary viral herpes infection, manifested during the period of gestation, is not considered an indication for artificial termination of pregnancy due to the extremely rare infection of the fetus through the fetal membrane.