How and how to treat herpes on the lips at home

Today we will talk in detail about how to treat herpes on the lips and what rules to adhere to so that the treatment is more effective. It is worth noting that the treatment of colds must be approached in a comprehensive manner, and this phenomenon also has several features in the treatment that you need to know. Below we will tell you not only about how to remove a cold sore on the lip, but also about the methods of proper treatment, as well as give a list of specialist recommendations that will help protect a person with a relapse of herpes on the lips from the consequences of this disease.


In order to more effectively undergo the treatment of herpes on the lips at home, it is necessary to consider not only the rules of complex treatment, but also to understand the nuances of herpes colds. The general treatment regimen will give an understanding of how to properly treat herpes on the lips and get the maximum result.

The first rule is the initial stage

Initially, you need to think about how to anoint a cold on the lip at the very beginning of its manifestation. That is, the herpes simplex virus, which is the causative agent of herpetic lesions of the lips, when it is still trying to appear most vulnerable. This rule must be remembered forever, especially for those people who often develop herpes. So, how to get rid of herpes on the lips when she has not yet given a visible blistering rash. For this, an ointment based on Acyclovir will work most effectively. As soon as a noticeable itching appears, you must immediately lubricate this area with an ointment containing Acyclovir. In addition to medications, at this stage, in order to get rid of herpes on the lip, home treatment will also help, including some alternative methods, which we will talk about below.

The second rule is the manifestation of a rash

If you notice that the period that falls under the first rule has already passed and a cold has jumped out, it is also recommended to smear it with Acyclovir. But you need to understand that when a cold on the lip has already manifested itself, a longer fight against the herpes virus begins. Therefore, when you clearly see that a cold in the corners of the lips or under the lip, or on the lip has formed a rash, it will not be possible to cure it in one day. And the second rule says – now you need to use herpes pills on the lips. Tablets for colds on the lips are different, for example, you can use the same Acyclovir. But when choosing antiviral drugs for oral administration, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

Third rule – the bubbles are crusty

Treatment of colds on the lips, when the bubbles began to crust over, continues with the same ointments for herpes on the lips, pills, and here an important feature is the need to maintain the immune system. In this case, it is necessary to take immunomodulatory agents, which are not recommended to be taken without examination by a doctor. At this stage, in order to more effectively fight herpes, namely, to quickly cure herpes on the lip, you need to resort to traditional medicine to dry the herpes rash. How to deal with colds on the lips with the help of folk remedies, we will briefly describe below, since there are a lot of folk methods that help to overcome colds. You can find a detailed list and methods of traditional medicine for colds in the article – folk remedies for herpes on the lips.

Understanding how the virus behaves at different stages of herpes rash development will allow you to quickly get rid of a cold on the lip at home. These rules are simple and easy to remember. In the first case, it becomes clear to us how to get rid of a cold on the lips at home, and in some cases without the use of medicines. In the second case, we understand what to do with herpes, when it has already begun to pop up. And in the third, one must not forget about the immune system and traditional medicine.

Below we will look at how to get rid of colds on the lips using clever folk methods. These methods are just connected with the first rule, when the herpes on the lip has not yet had time to jump out and has not given obvious rashes. Then it will be described how to treat a cold on the lips in the stage of a blistering rash, when it is necessary to dry a herpetic rash. And at the very bottom, we will give a list of recommendations that will be aimed not at how to cure herpes on the lips, but at how to protect yourself from the consequences.


So, let’s give a few methods that will show how our ancestors treated herpes on the lips, when there was no Acyclovir and other medications to fight the virus:

Propolis tincture. It is necessary to use a standard propolis tincture, which is infused with alcohol. In order to suppress the virus that has not yet jumped out, it is necessary to treat the place of itching with propolis. Do not forget that the first rule is, if possible, use antiviral ointment together. Therefore, after you have smeared the place with ointment, after 40 minutes, you can lubricate the affected area with propolis. And after that, spread cream on this place to avoid burns.

Heated spoon. Many probably wondered how to get rid of a cold on the lip using a spoon, believe me, this method helps. Herpesvirus is very weak to temperature changes at the very beginning, so you need to pour boiling water into a mug, put an iron spoon in there, hold it for a few seconds and apply it to your lip.

Corvalol. This is a remedy that quite effectively allows you to cure a cold on the lip in the stage of manifestation. As soon as we feel itching, we begin to apply Corvalol every two hours and do not forget to lubricate this place with cream ten minutes after treatment so as not to burn the skin. This method often helps without concurrent application of antiviral ointment.

Regular salt. Using salt for primary symptoms can also fight cold sores. It is necessary that the salt gets to the lesion. To do this, it is better to moisten it a little and apply it to the lip. Treatment can also be effective by wrapping the salt in a rag and dampening it so the crystals seep through the saucer. And then just apply.

The list specifically selected the most accessible methods of preventing a cold if it just started to appear. In fact, there are much more methods, but being guided by the fact that most people who are wondering how to treat a cold on the lips at home do not have the opportunity to find right now, for example, birch buds, we decided to stay on the simplest methods.


Now let’s look at how to treat herpes on the lips when it has entered the healing stage and requires cauterization of colds:

Toothpaste. With the help of toothpaste, the herpes rash begins to dry out actively. It can be used not only at the stage of blistering eruptions, but also at the very beginning, but still it works more effectively when dried. The method of application is simple, you need to spread the thinned area with a paste and keep it for 30 minutes.

Ear wax. Many may not believe this method, but it is very effective in drying out herpes rashes. You just need to lubricate herpes blisters. The sulfur composition will actively act on the virus.

Egg film. The film must be separated from the eggshell of the boiled egg. The film is taken from the inside, after which it is simply applied to the herpes rash.

Baking soda. While the procedure can be painful, it is very effective in removing bubbles. It is necessary to turn the soda into porridge, that is, pour it into hot water, then strain it. Then we apply it to the affected area. When a crust forms from this procedure, in no case tear it off, or the healing process will start again.

If, at the stage of herpes rash, when it begins to dry out on its own, use the above methods to help it dry out, then the treatment will be more effective.


Despite the fact that we have analyzed the treatment regimen for herpes rash and methods that can effectively treat herpes on the lips at home, there are still several recommendations from specialists. They will not so much help to remove cold sores on the lip as they will allow avoiding the transfer of the virus to other parts of the body, as well as avoiding serious diseases and protecting family members from relapse or infection:

in order not to transfer the virus to your hands, wash your hands with soap and water after each touch of the rash;

if the virus has already infected the skin of the hands, start urgent treatment on the hands, and do not rub the eyes to avoid ophthalmic herpes;

in case of relapse, it is not necessary to wet the contact lenses with saliva, this can lead to ophthalmic herpes;

in order not to infect your loved ones, give yourself a separate dish;

during relapses, avoid sunlight, they allow the virus to multiply more actively;

with frequent relapses of herpes (from once every three months), contact an infectious disease specialist, this may indicate a serious illness.

So, summing up, it is worth noting that it is not difficult to cure herpes on the lip at home. The main thing is to remember the rules of the general treatment regimen and adhere to it. A cold rash of the herpes simplex virus is not always dangerous, but nevertheless, the use of medications must be coordinated with the attending physician.

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