Fast treatment for herpes on the lips

Probably, everyone at least once in their life was concerned about how to quickly cure herpes on the lips, when at the most inconvenient time, for example, before going on a date or before an important meeting at work, light bubbles filled with liquid form on the lips. At the beginning of the development of herpes, several bubbles form on the lips, which then combine and form a sore.

Bubbles with liquid inside on the lips are a sign of a viral infection that is constantly present in the human body. Usually, cold sores do not show up as they are inactive. However, with a strong emotional shock or with a cold, the virus begins to activate. Bubbles on the skin of the lips disappear in about a week.

Not so long ago, there were practically no remedies for the quick treatment of herpes on the lips. Therefore, it was necessary to wait impatiently for the hateful eruptions in the form of bubbles to pass by themselves. The duration of the development of herpes on the lips depends on the activity of the protective forces of the body’s immunity and the characteristics of each individual person . 

Modern pharmacology offers a large number of remedies for colds on the lips, so it makes no sense to patiently wait for the disease to go away on its own. Not so long ago, there was an opinion that there is no better remedy for colds on the lips than the most ordinary toothpaste. Almost all those affected by herpes were actively smearing their lips with toothpaste, believing that this would certainly help. Of course, toothpaste will dry out the bubbles, but the viral disease itself will not cure. In addition, a huge number of drugs for the treatment of herpes on the lips allows you to abandon unthinkable tricks. Traditional medicine, of course, has a right to exist, but everything must be approached wisely.

The remedies for quick treatment of herpes on the lips offered by traditional medicine are very effective and safe. However, they also have their own contraindications, therefore, before using any medicinal product, you must carefully read the instructions. In addition to using remedies for colds on the lips, it is worth following a few more recommendations that will help get rid of this unpleasant cosmetic defect in a shorter time.

Firstly, one should not open and pick off herpetic eruptions with all kinds of tonal creams and powders, since this will only increase the inflammation.

It is useful to apply medications that contain petroleum jelly to the ulcerated surface, as it speeds up healing.

When a cold occurs on the lips, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes that activate the defenses of the immune system. In addition, if the rash on the lips is very painful, antispasmodics can be used . 

During the course of the disease, it is worth giving up salty and acidic foods, since the active substances of these food products penetrate into the damaged skin and cause irritation. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from consuming citrus fruits.

Many people know that from exposure to ultraviolet rays, herpes on the lips grows even more. In this regard, it is necessary to apply to the affected lips a product that has filters from solar radiation. A special protective lip cream or hygienic lipstick with sunscreen components is perfect.

Cold blisters on the lips are very contagious, so the sick person needs to take measures so as not to infect people in the environment. During the period of an exacerbated course of herpes, you cannot kiss, use common utensils and hygiene items.

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