Features of genital herpes in men with different forms of infection

Today, genital herpes in men is a very common condition. This is partly a sexually transmitted disease, since the most common method of transmission of genital herpes is unsafe sex. But it is possible to get infected in other ways. In addition, genital herpes is divided into three possible stages, which we will discuss below. From the article you will learn not only about the ways of transmission of herpes infection, which is localized on the genitals in men, but also about the methods of its treatment, diagnosis and symptoms during the course of various forms of the disease. And you can also see in the photo what genital herpes looks like in men in the groin and on the penis.


The most important and effective way to contract genital herpes for a man is direct sexual contact with a virus carrier. The virus has such a characteristic feature – the ability to easily penetrate the human body.

Herpes simplex virus type 1, which most often manifests itself in the form of a cold on the lips with the presence of a blistering rash, has been sick en masse for a long time. The sexual revolution of the beginning of the second half of the last century led to the popularity of oral sex. And now the herpes simplex virus type 2 (genital herpes) began to be infected en masse and much more often.

There can be various reasons for contracting genital herpes in men. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Contact transmission path. It is carried out with close contact during oral or vaginal, as well as anal sex with a virus carrier. If the partner has herpes sores in the mouth, then the infection is transmitted through salivation.

The household method of infection with genital herpes is realized with the general use of personal hygiene products.

The airborne method of infection of genital herpes is not typical for men, but such cases are often encountered during oral sex. When a partner has herpes in the nose, mouth, or throat, the infection can be transmitted by airborne droplets.

Transfusion route – with blood transfusion.

Genital herpes in men is caused by the HSV-2 virus (herpes simplex virus type 2), which is dangerous for people with low immunity. The virus is capable of proceeding in the human body in acute and chronic stages.

The risk group includes men at the peak of their sexual activity or young people who practice promiscuous sex with unknown partners.


How genital herpes manifests itself clinically, consider the types:

primary infectious disease;

recurrent disease process;

secondary infectious disease.

Primary infection

During the initial infection, the body has not yet developed antibodies to the herpes virus. In men, the symptoms of primary infection are determined by the following signs:


localized in the genital area in the form of a blistering rash;

inflammation can spread to the groin, buttocks, or thighs;

the affected area is covered with a bright rash filled with liquid;

the man’s body temperature rises;

enlarged lymph nodes;

general malaise and headache occur;

in areas affected by infection, burning and itching begins;

there is pain in the enlarged lymph nodes;

purulent abundant discharge from the urethra appears.

Treatment of genital herpes in men and healing of places affected by the infection occurs within almost a month.

Recurrence of genital herpes

During the initial infection, during the entire process of the disease progression, the immune system develops antibodies to the virus in order to protect the human body. In this regard, with the manifestation of a relapse, which occurs much more often than the primary infection, the disease proceeds easier, calmer and faster.

However, with exacerbations more than twice a year, there may be negative consequences associated with both the nervous system and the psycho-emotional state of the man.

Consider what genital herpes looks like in recurrent manifestations:

a significant increase in the number of painful ulcers;

rashes on the head of the genital organ;

rash on the foreskin and pubis;


Relapse of genital herpes in men lasts half a month.

Secondary infection

Genital herpes disease in men can easily resume its activity if there are specific antibodies in the body to absolutely any other type of virus. In this case, as a rule, the clinical course of the disease lasts about half a month.

The symptomatology of re-infection of genital herpes, as in the case of primary infection, is quite pronounced. The disease is especially active in the presence of antibodies to HSV.

Of great importance is the high risk of massive herpes infection in male athletes. Contact sports deserve special attention, such as:

Thai boxing;



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